The Prayers Of Aram  


Prayer And Meditation On The Sayings Of The Beloved One 


Unto the King Eternal, unto the King Immortal, unto the King Invincible, the Only Wise God; Unto the King be the glory and honour, unto the King forever and ever. Amen!


We  praise  thy name, O Lord, the Almighty God,  for thy eternal wisdom, and love; We glorify  thy name, for thou hast created heaven and earth, and all the inhabitants thereof; We magnify thy name, for thou art the All Powerful One, by whom and for whom we  have all been created;  And in whom  there  is  the  perfection of all things in life; Grant unto us, O Lord, thy divine wisdom, and love, that we may consciously grow in life, and continuously experience thy divine  peace. 


We thank thee, O God, for the great messiah, whom thou hast anointed; For by his words he has proclaimed thy divine word, by which thou hast expressed to us thy divine will for mankind, and thy divine way of the spirit (John 4:23-24); It is the way that defines a glorious path of human possibility, through which we may all realize our divine image and likeness (Genesis 1:26); The path of perfection that the son of man has taken, and by which he has become lord and master of the world (Acts 2:36); For in the full knowledge of his divine origin he has risen to overcome all human limitations, thereby becoming a master of all human experiences (Colossians 1:17-20); Therefore, he is now our merciful guiding light that reaches out to every human heart (John 8:12); Persistently calling us to the blessed way of truth by which we may all receive our divine fulfilment of life (John 14:6); Thus embracing the glorious presence of the Almighty One,  in  whom we  all  live  and  move  and  have our being (Acts 17:28); This is truly the divine path of our lord and master (John 13:13), which  is  the  noble  path of life (John 15:5), and therefore of love (John 15:12); A path that may conquer all, for the sake of all, since love is the principle that binds all creation together.


We shall always consider thy love, O God, and its perfection in the life of our divine  master; For he has said to us:


Detrahm l'marya alahak, men kuleh lebhak, wa men kuleh naphshak, wa men kuleh haylak, wa men kuleh rewhyanak Detrahm laqriybak ayk naphshak

Thou  shalt  love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with  all thy mind, and with all thy might  … Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Matthew 22:37, 39)


By thy command we shall love (rahm), the Lord (marya), in whom we behold the image  of  the most elementary rising principle that shines, lightens, and heats all things (mar);  For thou art the Almighty One, the One that expresses itself uniquely through all things, even the divine Oneness (alaha) of the One (al); Thus we become encouraged by the vision of the divine light of the One that is shining through all creation, forever becoming one with it, and never being apart from it; Therefore, guide us kindly as we walk in the way of the heart (lebha), towards the most human centre of our being and living, where all passion, courage, audacity, and vitality dwell; So that we may experience the interior action of creative generation, from the heart, that expands to include the soul (naphsha); Thus gathering all the constituent parts of the human soul, or self, or sub-conscious and instinctive self; For there are parts which may feel like neighbours, in the sense of  having been drawn to come closer, as well as parts which are closely in co-operation with the divine light (shem) and  guidance (malkhuta); This act of loving the self, which gathers all of its parts together, will liberate our instinctual energy of life (hayla); Thus allowing this rising energy of consciousness to flood our entire might, or lower  mind (rewhyana);  Since this is the mind that grasps, accumulates, and suffers all the pains and anxieties of our human material existence; Within this wonderful  act of loving (rahm), we experience  the sense of movement which creates everything that  follows (rab); Thus awakened, we know that loving thee unconditionally, O God, within as well as without, will generate more love from  our hearts, to eventually bring all parts of our inner selves into thy divine  light; We  praise thy name, as the energy so liberated in this process begins to clarify our every sense of feeling and direction in life; Hence it is our prayer that our clearer intentions may consequently generate clearer thoughts that will ultimately lead towards clearer actions; Exactly like our neighbour (laqriyba), all parts of the self tend to come together and form a bond; Giving us the revelation that the loving co-operation of the self, or unification of our inner  dwellers, will also lead us to become more responsible about as well as to those around us on the outside; We pray, O Lord, that every progress in our inner spirituality may always consequently lead to a corresponding action in the community; Thus fulfilling the truth of thy word that only by the fruit others may know the tree (Matthew 12:33).


Guard our understanding, O Lord, that we shall never confuse merciful love with a readiness to surrender ourselves to the ignoble acts of others; For it is written in the testimonial account of our divine lord and master:


Ahebw labwheldbabaykhun 

Love your enemies (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27)


Having experienced compassionate and merciful love (rahm), kindly allow us to know of this other love (ahebw); A powerful, mysterious, and impersonal force, or sense of feeling;  A creative force which acts to bring separate beings together in order to create a new life; For through thy will, O Lord, this mighty force of life has been present even in seed-planting, sexual reproduction, and germination of a grain (hab); With this love we shall engage the enemy (bwheldbabaykhun), in whom there is an image of a being out of time, and moving with jerky and harsh movements; The enemy who bears the sign of injustice, is a being whose own inner void, inanity, and vacuity have caused him to swell on the outside, like a boil; Hence a person who, in relation to us, will be out of step, impending, vacuous, and puffed-up; Only with thy guidance, O Lord, could we find a  rhythm that will harmonize with the rhythms of the enemies in order to bring them into harmony; Therefore help us to find within ourselves that which will fill the inner void of the enemies, so we may directly address that to them; Making it clear, at all  times,  that by this sense of loving we are  not  merely being nice to an enemy, or worse still, letting the enemy to trample over ourselves.


Strengthen us, O Lord, that we may always walk in the perfect way of love, through which we may give, restore, and balance all things; Since the mastery of love will be for us a great source of power, by which we may affirm ourselves, and encourage others; We pray that we may understand, and practice, the wisdom of our divine master,  through our life experiences; Always with the hope that one day mankind will see its true significance for the advancement of our common humanity; Therefore, with thy divine sense of love abiding, we shall follow every word of good counsel, and sanctify them all through our prayers of the heart.


We know that words of truth and prayers of the spirit were perfectly unified in the spiritual life of our divine master; Therefore we shall always look unto him, as our example, and pray in his name to the divine source of our common life; For we believe that he himself will be present in our prayers; Gathering all of our inner desires to be united with his own life-generating prayers; So that they maybe sanctified and filled with the spirit of life that permeates the whole universe; Therefore, Almighty God, we come to thy throne of glory, praying to thee in his name; For it is written:


D'kul merem deteshaloon l'aby b'shemy netel l'kun Shalam watesbwoon detehwey had  wath'khon m'shamlaya

Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, he will give it to you … Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full (John 16:23-24).


Empower our spirits, O Lord, that we may ask (detheshaloon), as if by travelling in a straight-line, and asking or desiring in a direct manner; That we may do so in the image of birds coming to a watering place, directly without any other hidden motives; Kindly inspire our prayers, with truthfulness and honesty, that they may proceed directly to their heavenly destination; For we hear our divine lord and master telling us to pray: … In my name (b'shemy); Thus uniting our petition with his experience, light and sound, atmosphere, and word of his divine life; Bringing it to come, as it were, from inside the hidden name of the One, which is the name that defines and describes the whole universe; Then we shall receive (tesbwoon), and be fulfilled, that we may be satisfied, enveloped, surrounded, or embraced by what we have longed for, and yet is already here;  There is now  a wonderful sense of joy (had), which arises from having a peak-feeling, a goal being met, and a desire being fulfilled; We shall let this peak-feeling to continue its movement to the end (m'shamlaya), since we see in our minds the image of a story continuing to its natural conclusion; We shall surely let these prayerful peak experiences, and their associated feeling of being fully enlivened, to continue until their complements in the larger life of the universe are found; Willing to make every moment worthy of sincere praise; So that, with a joyful sense of thanksgiving, we may continually offer a prayer of divine  magnification. 


B'rikh rahmana malkha d'alma marai d'hai riga

Blessed is the Merciful One, Sovereign of the Universe, Master of this Moment, and the Wholly Present!


By which we acknowledge, with all confidence and belief, that within the journey of faith, thou art always present, O  Lord, in every moment of experience.


Hear all of our prayers, O Lord our Beloved God, that we have offered in love, from the depths of our hearts; For we sanctify our words of petition only in the name of our divine lord and master; The son of man, and lord of the sabbath (Matthew 12:8), who became our great messiah (Matthew 16:16); In whom we may continue to hope, with the certainty of faith, for the fulfilment of whatever we desire, in accordance with thy divine merciful love. Amen!


Prayer And Meditation On The Beatitudes Of  The Righteous One 


From place to place, far around the world, thy children, O Lord, sing their songs of praise and thanksgiving; From east and west, and north and south, their voices sweetly blend to honour thy holy name; Praising the Lord, our God, in whom young lives are strong; For He is our guide, our hero, and our friend.


Being in hunger for the truth, and in need for a renewal of life, we have come to hear the eternal sermon on the mount; A truly magnificent collection of divine instructions, which begins with the highly captivating words of the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12); By these words of excellence the truth of God has been revealed to all mankind; And believers, from generation to generation, have thus walked in freedom, either from the darkness of the heart or the blindness of the mind; Therefore, in the name of God, hear  ye these celestial words of the beatitudes.


Tubwayhun l'meskenaee b'rukh d'dilhounhie malkhuta d'ashmaya

Blessed are the poor in spirit:  for  theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Almighty God, we may be considered poor (l'meskenaee), if we are deprived of any solid home base, or resting point, or ability to hold fast to something; We may be considered poor, if we are deprived of the spirit (rukha), which is the breath, soul, or whatever that moves, stirs, animates, and links us to life; Therefore, we may be considered even poorer still, if we are deprived of the holy spirit (rukha d'qoodsha), which permeates the whole universe; Since this ultimate deprival will definitely place us in a state of disconnection from the divine reality of life; Therefore, mercifully refrain,          O Lord, from depriving us of thy holy spirit; And grant unto us the wisdom to become poor in spirit, that we may become humble in thy sight; Guide us, kindly, to be spiritually attuned to the divine breath of God, that we may not put ourselves forward inappropriately; Teach us to calm ourselves, so that our readiness for action will always perfectly rest in the eternal silence of thy divine name; Strengthen us in our resolution,           O Lord, to be spiritually  humble, that we may experience the omnipotent ability of the kingdom (malkhuta), which is the royal power that permeates the whole universe; For we may then receive a dynamic sense of  thy omnipotent ability, which extends from a realm so personal  to the much greater realm of the cosmos; Thus expanding our awareness through all realms of light, vibration, and name of experience (shm), and therefore throughout the whole universe (d'ashmaya).


Tubwayhun  lawile d'hinnon netbayun

Blessed are they  that mourn: for they shall be comforted.


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those who mourn (lawile), since we are longing for something to occur, feeling anxiously troubled, feeling incredibly weak, being in a state of emotional turmoil, and being in want from such a deep longing; Therefore we pray that we may be comforted  (netbayun), by being returned from a far wandering, united inside by the warmth of love, provided with the feeling of inner continuity, and seeing the arrival of (the face) of what we have longed for.


Tubwayhun l'makikhe d'hinnon nertun arha

 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.


Almighty God, we may be considered meek (l'makikhe), if we can be gentle and humble; Help us, therefore, to soften that which is hard within us, and give us the strength to liquefy all of our rigidities, heaviness, and inner pain of repressed desires, that we may submit and surrender ourselves to thy merciful care; For only by doing so we may become ready to inherit (nertun), this blessed earth (arha), in order to receive the universal source of strength (ar), and experience reciprocity (t); Therefore enable us,       O Lord, to soften the rigid places within us, that we may consequently become more open to thee, and thy divine action, through all of nature, and in all sense of earthiness; For thou art our only source of power.


Tubwayhun  layleyn d'kaphneen watzheyn l'khenuta d'hinnon nisbhun

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those (layleyn), for whom an image is given of one watching by night, or waiting by the lamp-light for something to happen; We believe that this sense of expectation, in our experience, does create a vortex of possibility that draws in the object of our hearts; While our sense of expectation is associated with a feeling of possession and direction towards a person; Therefore consider, O Lord, our hunger, and our act of hungering after (d'kaphneen), by which we turn our mouths towards something, and feel a longing for the strengthening of our physical being; We even feel the thirst (tzhein), and see in our minds the image of being parched inwardly, or dried-out, or even burnt-out; For we all desire righteousness                       (l'khenuta), which pictures an inner as well as an outer sense of justice, a base upon which all things may rest, and a perfection of natural stability; Kindly fulfil our desire,       O Lord, that we may be satisfied (nisbhun), and fully delighted with a sense of being surrounded by fruitfulness, encircled by birth-giving, and embraced by generations; Then we shall know the purpose of this hunger and thirst, when we have received a sense of inner justice and a re-establishment of harmony; We shall truly know that it has created within us an inner sense of radiance and clarity.


Tubwayhun lamrahmane d'alayhun nehwun rahme

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.


Almighty God, we may be considered merciful (lamrahmane), because of our own desire for mercy (rahme), or love (rahm), in our lives; Therefore it is our desire to behold the sign of a womb, an inner motion extending from the centre or depths of the body, and a radiating heart, as well as a sense of ardour; For by associating the womb with a sense  of  compassionate mercy we shall  see in our minds the divine image of birth-giving  mercy;  Thus  rejoicing  in  thy merciful love we shall receive pity, love, compassion, a long drawn breath extending grace, and an answer to a prayer.


Tubwayhun layleyn dadkeyn b'lebhon d'hinnon nehzun l'alaha

Blessed are  the  pure in heart : for they shall see God


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those expecting (layleyn), to be  spiritually pure (dadkeyn), when we are being consistent in our feeling of love and sympathy, with a natural sense of influence and abundance, and having a fixed and electrifying sense of purpose; Therefore guide us, O Lord, that we may live in the image of a flower blossoming, in which everything always happens in accordance with its own nature; Lead us consequently  to live in the power of the heart (lebhon), which  is our human centre, and from which life radiates a sense of expansion with a generative power; So that we may  experience vitality, desire, affection,  courage, and  audacity, with our spiritual  state of being; For only then shall we be able to see (nehzun), into an inner vision or a deep contemplation; Where we may evoke the ancient image of a lightning flash that suddenly appears in the sky; Being a natural event  which  symbolizes an  insight  of revelation, of the One (al), within the Oneness of All (alaha); Thus pointing us towards a forceful and passionate movement of the cosmos through the soul of every living thing; For there is a hidden image of the furthest extent of a cosmic force, which has an identity, and can be identified everywhere as: Here it is! This is it! God is here, forever and now! 


Tubwayhun lahwvaday shlama dawnaw(hie) d'alaha nitqarun

Blessed are the peace-makers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those who make (lahwvaday), if we make or perform with a strong sense of commitment; We shall do this, in accordance with the diligent image of planting the seeds, tilling the ground, labouring regularly, bringing forth fruit, and gathering the harvest; That is by being periodically and regularly active, whatever the odds may be; Therefore, inspire us with the spirit of diligence,                   O  Lord, that we may actively bring in the greetings of peace (shlama); Including every human wish for health, safety, a happy assembly, a mutual agreement that saves a difficult situation, and a stroke that unites all parties in sympathy; Encourage us to serve thee, O Lord, for we shall be thy children (dawnawhie), when we have become the embodiment, emanation, or active production from that which was only potential before; We pray that our effort for such a praise-worthy objective may bestow upon us the honour  to become the children of God (dawnawhie d'alaha): Thus we shall be called (nitqarun), for we present the beautiful image of digging a channel, or well, for the water to flow; O God, as we begin planting the seeds of peace kindly turn us into channels, and fountains, which may hasten the fulfilment of thy divine will.


Tubwayhun layleyn detrdep metol khenuta d'dilhounhie malkhuta d'ashmaya

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those expecting (layleyn), to be persecuted (detrdep), if we are being driven, dominated, dislocated, disunited, or moved  by a scandal or shame; Especially as we hold  on to a sense of righteousness (khenuta), against those who mock our belief in the idea of justice and stability; Daring thus to stand for the truth, against any misguided opposition, we shall experience the royalty and power of the universe (malkhuta d'ashmaya), in all of its potential as well as actual manifestation; We shall then be able to see the divine light (shm), that is in evidence everywhere; By which we may look beyond the boundaries of this limited locality, with its mentally, and spiritually, oppressive nature; Therefore, guide us, O Lord, to behold the universe as our new home, when our own society does not tolerate a prophetic spirit; Thus giving us the strength to regard any adversity as an incitement for us to take another important step in life.


Tubwayhun immath damhasdeen l'khon waradpin l'khon wamrin elaykon kul milla bisha metolath b'dagalutha

Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.


Almighty God, we may be considered amongst those who are reviled (damhasdeen), when we are being reproached, divided, pitied, insulted, and conspired against to the point of having our strength sucked out; We may even experience the feeling of contamination and the sense of being covered with a sticky glaze of blame; Since we face a strong persecution that dislocates (radpin), accompanied with an exaggerated clamouring noise, as well as an expression that would classify us falsely (mrin); Thus accusing us of being unripe, evil, and immature characters, who are acting as a source of  diversion (bisha);  Therefore, give us the strength, O Lord,  to bear all things only for thy own sake.


Haydeyn khadaw wa rwazw dagarkhun sgee b'ashmaya hakana geyr r'dapw l'nabiya d'men q'damaykun 

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.


Almighty God, we shall rejoice (khadaw), and expand our sense of gladness to anything extreme, even to the point or summit of something, and be filled with all the gaiety and liveliness our hearts may experience ; We behold the image of a drop of wine, or human blood, which signifies the release of self-estimation, by which we may see the abundance of the universe, in an ecstatic state of consciousness; This is a potentially happy state of experience, which arises even as our dislocation and persecution become intensified; For we experience an inner movement, of becoming  extremely thin, of drinking or drenching, of a ray of anything, or of the breath (rwazw); Since it is an inner process which allows our ego to become thin (rz), when we begin  to expand our inner territory;  Thus  allowing our  conscious self (naphsha),  to receive the attention it  deserves, and hence to make it gradually  clearer to its underlying sense of purpose;  Therefore, we thank thee,  O  Lord, for  thy  great reward (dagarkhun), by which we may receive an expanding sense of natural abundance, or an organic movement reaching out at full length from the source, and yet fixed as well as grounded in material existence; All of our feelings are truly increased, and augmented (sgee), and continuously expanded from our centre of abundance, both in its cosmic as well as human sense; Thus we know, O Lord, that the bitter blows in our hearts are not only personally painful, but may also be acting as an aid to open a wider perspective of feeling and empathy with all creation; We glorify thy name for the example of the prophets (nabiya), all of whom have spoken by divine inspiration; For they are the ones who have acted in a state of ecstasy, or rapture, that germinates and bears fruit in the world; By their example we know that every spirit-filled action would often challenge and disturb the society; Therefore, teach us with thy divine wisdom, O Lord, to accept whatever amount of discouragement, which may arise against us, as a reminder that we always need to turn within, for spiritual renewal, before proceeding in the co-creation of heaven on earth.


Thus the beatitudes of our divine master end, with a joyful sense of happiness, and a confident feeling of great accomplishment; We pray that the divine truth from these beautiful words will continue to reverberate in our minds; Since the spirit that generates the truth in its written form is also the spirit that emanates the same truth in the hearts of men; Let us continue, therefore, to recite these refined words of beauty, within the inner depths of the soul, as well as without, in the daily experience of life; Believing at all times that the divine power, proclaimed within the scriptures, will always be an all fulfilling source of blessings in our lives; For we have all been touched by the mighty word and holy spirit, of our messianic lord and master, through whom the Almighty God has expressed his love for all men.


Living God, our divine truth eternal, lead us kindly in the path of wisdom and understanding, by the revelation of thy word, and through the experience of our daily life; So that we may learn to live in honour of thy divine truth, with a growing sense of responsibility, both for our sake and for the sake of all mankind.  Amen!



Prayer And Meditation On The Prayers of The Anointed One:  


God is good, his the care, tending each everywhere; God is good, God is great, God is beauty,  praise him; God is good, his the care, tending each everywhere; God is good, God is great, God is beauty, praise him; Sing aloud, loud, loud; Sing aloud, loud, loud; God is good, God is great, God is beauty, praise him!


God is the way: Almighty God, we praise thy name; God is the truth: Almighty God, we glorify thy name; God is the life: Almighty God, we magnify thy name; Guide us, ever so kindly, with thy tender care, O God, that we may walk in the blessed path of our divine lord and master; Gather us, ever so gently, O God, and lead us into thy all encompassing and most fulfilling bliss; Bless us, ever so mercifully, with thy holy spirit, O God, that we may forever feel thy wonderful loving presence in our devotion; Inspire us to pray faithfully, whole-heartedly, and unceasingly; Since prayer is God who works through all things for the good of all men.


Guided by the divine spirit within us, we shall pray with the spiritual words of our lord and master; Consciously savouring the delightful expression of his magnificent prayer of faith; In order to experience the life-giving truth, which fills every word and sentence of this great prayer (Matthew 6:9-13); For it has been promised us that we shall find the truth and the truth shall set us free (John 8:32); Therefore, seeking for nothing but the divine truth, we shall pray in his name, and with his prayer, in all humility saying:


Abwoon d'bwashmaya

Our Father which art in heaven


Almighty God, thou art our father (abwoon), for thou art a father in authority (abba); By this prayer we have come to thee, O God, our spiritual father (b), for thou hast declared

thyself to be our personal father (w); The great father of life from whom all things have come, as if from the comforting womb of a mother (aima); In awe we behold that thou art the beginning of all fruitfulness, even of all germination proceeding  from  all  parenting (ab); From thy wonderful self we  behold the ray, or emanation, of thy divine  parenthood, which is proceeding here and  now, from the potential to the actual (bwn); Thus going beyond our common sense of understanding, and moving to an all universal birth-giving process, the sound of the word (abwoon) is hereby revealed to us:


By the first letter-sound (a), we acknowledge   the One (al) and the Oneness (alaha), which is the absolute, the only being, the pure oneness of unity, and the source of all power and stability.


By the second letter-sound (bw), we acknowledge a birth-giving, a creation, and a flow of blessing that moves as if from the interior of this Oneness towards us.


By the third letter-sound (oo), we acknowledge the breath or spirit that carries this flow, echoing the sound of breathing and including all forces of the universe; This is the holy spirit (rukha d'qoodsha), which permeates all the universe.


By the fourth letter-sound (n), we acknowledge the vibration of this creative breath from the Oneness, as it touches and inter-penetrates form; That is the substance that this force touches, moves, and changes; Here the sound echoes the earth as we complete the vibration running through its whole length of process.


O Lord, thou art God … Which art in heaven (d'bwashmaya), for thine is the principle that rises and shines in space, an entire sphere of being, and a whole atmosphere (shm); In which we may experience divine light, sound, vibration, experience, name, and word; We are so overcome, O Lord, to know that the sign, or name, for thy dwelling place is, in fact, the whole universe itself; Giving us, thus, the understanding that thy divine shining includes all the centres of activity, all the places we can see, and all the potential abilities of all things (-aya); Therefore, we are already in heaven, whenever we pray, for heaven is the infinite vibration, of the name,  by which we can recognize the Oneness of  the One (shmaya), in our universe; By this prayer we proclaim, O Lord, the Oneness of All Things, and the Unity of Our Origin.


Netqadash shmakh

Hallowed be thy name


Almighty God, knowing that thy divine name, in the universe, is part of the underlying unity, in which everything lives, we will now affirm that thy name is holy (qadash); We shall do this, O Lord, by setting thy name apart, separating it for a specific purpose, holding it inviolate, and creating for it a sanctified place; Therefore, inspire us by thy spirit as we prepare this place inside, as well as outside, of our being; Evoking, meanwhile, the image of clearing or sweeping, and of preparing the ground for an important plant; By which we may see in our minds the picture of a person bending his head over a special place, where seeds are sown; Therefore, help us to bend, willingly, over our hearts, as we plant our devotion and perseverance at the same time; Strengthen our human will to let go and release the clutter inside us, that we may establish an inner shrine for thy holy name; Since this mental noise disturbs our inner serenity and receptivity to the still, small voice within; Kindly guard our inner shrine of the heart,            O Lord, that we may be perfectly all embracing even as thou art also perfectly all embracing (Matthew 5:48); For this inner shrine is our feeling or spiritual heart, which is the closet we are commanded to enter whenever we pray (Matthew 6:6); Come O Lord, and let thy divine name (shem), and the emanation of its light-giving power (shm), to reside within our inner sanctuary; May thy divine light clarify, and purify, our minds as the ultimate sense of peace begins to arise within our hearts; Provide us with our daily light for living, O Lord, that we may begin every single activity in the prayer hall of the heart.


Teytey malkhutakh

Thy kingdom come


Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father, kindly accept our invitation to come (teytey); For in our prayer we see the images of mutual desire, definition of a goal, and even a nuptial  chamber, where mutual desire is fulfilled and the process of birth-giving begins; We behold in our prayers thy kingdom (malkhuta), or queendom, with a quality of rulership and ruling principles that guide our lives towards unity; Wonderfully bearing the image of a fruitful arm poised to create, or a coiled spring that is ready to unwind with all the verdant potential of the earth; Grant us, therefore, O Lord, this royal sense of omnipotent ability, by which we may take a step in a new direction, whatever the odds we may be facing; So that we may stand upon this earth, and live, with a divine quality that everywhere takes responsibility and proclaims perfect ability in doing so; Only with thy blessings could we express this natural quality of leadership within our community; In order to encourage a collective understanding of the counsel by which anything is ruled, including even a nation or a world; Therefore, it is our prayer that thy kingdom may come to clarify our personal and collective ideals, that they may all be in alignment with thy heavenly ideals, as we are moving towards unity with all the natural  creation of the earth.


Nehwey tzevyanakh aykanna d'bwashmaya aph b'arha

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven


Almighty God, now that we are ready to act, encourage us to proceed with acts of compassion, as we join heaven and earth together in our lives; Remind us always that whenever we have a will (tzevyanakh), it should never be in the sense of will-power or wilfulness; For it is thy will that our desire may be done through a harmonious co-operation of movement that includes all natural discipline; In which we behold images of a vortex of harmony and generation, and of a host of stars swirling through the heavens; Inspire us with this sense of desire in our hearts, beyond mere thoughts or ideas; Making it thus a part of ourselves, whether or not we are conscious of its presence; So that it may encourage us towards a particular goal with all sense of certainty; We shall affirm our efforts in faith by saying just as (aykanna), giving us thus a determined desire for consistency and stability; Therefore, we sincerely pray with all of our strength, O God, that thy heart-desire may be consistently done through our lives; So that we may present  thy divine image, proclaim thy divine word, and promote thy divine vision in our community; Thereby serving the world of mankind, in accordance  with the natural ways of the earth (arha); Evoking a most human sigh, whenever  we feel the earth underneath, and remember to respect it as a gift of life; For thy gift includes all nature, or all natural gatherings of mass form produced by power with movement (ar).


Hawvlan lakhma d'sunqanan yaomana

Give us this day our daily bread


Almighty God, provide us with our daily bread (lakhma), or food for all forms of growth as well as for elementary life in general; By which we may receive the source for growing vigour, being verdant, increasing warmth, flowing passion, and moving possibility, as well as all instruments of a generative power (hma); And by which we may also receive divine wisdom (hokhma), that rings with the sound for living-breath (h/oo), as it returns to and emanates from the earth with the eternal cry of life (ma); Therefore, in all humility we request, O Lord, the bread for food, and of understanding, for our daily needs (sunqanan); Giving us thus an illumined measure, a circle of possession, or even a nest that will become our source of satisfaction; That is why we pray to thee, O Lord, to give (hawvlan), and therefore to humanly generate, produce with life and soul, and animate with fruit; Since we need this food, or understanding, for this exact moment of time; Knowing that we have prayed for our cosmic blessings, we are now praying for our earthly gifts; Remind us also, however, to treasure the source of our bread, and the divine love that permeates it; So that we may not take thy blessings lightly, by hoarding in excess, and wasting, or depriving others of their needs.


Washboqlan khaubayn (wakhtahayn) aykanna daph khnan shbwoqan l'khayyabayn

And forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.


Almighty God, give us thy earthly blessing of forgiveness; For only when thou hast decided to forgive (shboqlan), shall we then be returned to our original state of being; In which we may be reciprocally absorbed, established in our slender ties to, and embraced with emptiness; And by which  we may be cleared and unburdened, thus allowing the mutual releasing of our breath of life to support our ties to all creation; Therefore release us, O Lord, of all trespasses or debts (khaubayn), including any offence, shameful hidden past, secretly held debt, hidden and stolen property, and even negative inner fruit that affects our souls; Kindly restore us also from failures, mistakes, accidental offences, frustrated hopes, or tangled threads (wakhtahayn); Grant unto us the strength to forgive always with a consistent and regular effort, just as (aykanna) we pray; Since we all desire, consciously or unconsciously, to make our knotted relationships whole and stable again; Even to be released from the guilt of having trespassed against one-another, the earth, and all living creatures; Therefore, inspire us, O Lord, to make forgiveness a gift that we can give one-another, and an opportunity for everyone to begin anew.



[Ben Poetica] - [Karya Carita]