[ 1989 ]

Long Poetry Anno

01 Pilgrimage to Salem (28/09/1989-01/10/1989), Monday, October 2nd 1989




Pilgrimage To Salem


01 Melchizedek

In ancient time at the dawn of history             

When culture was young though the world old

There lived on earth a great and holy man

A king of righteousness, a king of Salem

Ruling as a priest in all his splendour

Blessing all creatures which adorned the world

Interceding for all men in their everyday life


Melkizedek was his name, purity was his soul

God was his crown, nature his dominion

He came forth without a father or mother

And his days had neither beginning nor end

Through him the father of all the prophets did receive

Knowledge of God, the Universe, and Man

Contained in a single tree called the tree of life


Melkizedek and Salem were in Palestine

A land of blessings and strange curses

A country of Peace and Deep Violence

A place where beauty married destruction

But in the blessed island of Java

Melkizedek and Salem did exist too

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D1/01/10/1989)



02 The Call for the Journey

It was the call again the call of the hill country

The call of the country so green and prosperous

Of the town of Salem and its surrounding mountains

Where I was first initiated into the essence of mystery

Through dreams, visions, and revelations so strange

And yet so real as if heaven did come to this earth

Thus to Salem I decided to go and find my paradise


Driving through the southern part of Java the beautiful

I became amazed at this spiritual journey so fine

Where multiple layers of existence suddenly emerged

One completing the other and all becoming one


How Wonderful! I was driving through the Island of Java

Feeling as if I was in England and sensing of Palestine

Strange though it may seem, nobody could say it was untrue

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



03 Entry to Salem

Having travelled the continuously winding mountaneous roads

I finally approached the country town and village places

Which lie in the open valley with the name of Salem

I stopped at the boundary stone and walked across the border

Having done this I stopped down and touched the earth

With my right-hand while saying

Hail to the land of Salem!

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



04 Prayer at the Pine Forest

I invoked the twenty seven names of God the Almighty

And then prayed so that I can enter the place safely

Even that I may find Melkizedek the holy man of God

King of Salem and of righteousness, priest of the sacred land

Friend of Abraham and Great Teacher of the Ancient wisdom

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



05 Meeting with friends

Everyone was kind and pleasant in offering their hospitality to strangers

All questions they attempted to answer to the best of their ability

As if we were their long-lost brothers who had come to visit

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



06 Guardians of Pagedongan

Then one of these guardians asked openly: 'What are you searching?'

For without any question nothing may be revealed or disclosed

So I told him about the reason of my visit to the valley of Salem

And about my guide who was the ancient priest and king

We talked earnestly, until it was dawn, to clear all existing doubts

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



07 Mystery of Salem

The Guardians explained that my visit and that of others

Have been prophesied many years ago by two disciples

For Salem, and more importantly the place called Pagedongan

Is the land where the history of mankind was begun

And that it was from here that the leaders of mankind

Came forth to carry out their duties to maintain God's earth

Salem, or Pagedongan, is the centre of God's world

It is the Slab-Stone where God inscribed his will for mankind

Adam, Noah and Abraham had their histories here

And it was in this place that God had planted his garden

It is also prophesied that soon many leaders would come

To prepare the unification of mankind who are at present dispersed

And to proclaim the dawn of the new age that is to come

There God will place on every shoulder the sacred duty

Which will be perfomed all throughout the world

So that divine peace will once again rule this earth

And this nation and the world would one day be justly governed

In accordance with the spiritual direction of the guardians in Salem

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



08 The Ancient Tomb

Who is the tenth, and therefore the first, of all the stewards

Whose duty it will be to uphold the truth of the Almighty

None may discuss about him so that none will loose sense of direction

For he is beyond our understanding and knowledge

Therefore it would be wrong to describe how he looked

It is enough to say that he is acting as a beautiful vessel

Which contains the fragrance of great souls everywhere

Thus it is said that the forces are many but one

So that there is only one voice representing all

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



09 Personal Direction

It is important to loose all sense of fear, uncertainly and worry

For it is clear how the sword is given to be used

For the protection of the common people everywhere

And that the book of wisdom was placed near to the heart

To be a source of counsel to the leaders of this country and its people

Therefore one must bear one's name with pride and bravery

So that when the time comes there shall never be any hesitation

To take one's rightful part in the struggle for peace and justice,

And the welfare of mankind

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



10 The Great Mountains

The range of mountains stand majestically in the north

Protecting Salem and its inhabitants from any threat or danger

Looking dark-blue they add to the sense of mystery

Which surrounds the beholders

Causing their hearts to vibrate with a strong life force

For in their very eyes stand the three mountains which are called:

Mount Halimun, Mount Kumbang and Mount Segara

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



11 Salem and Myself

I have been to Salem and I have seen beauty

There was I with my own eyes witnessing sense of prosperity

On deep contemplation I experienced the serenity

Of this dream country that none may equal

Inspiration and the will to live arise in me

Encouraged by the peaceful silence surrounding

But it is not to this place that I will go to escape

daily hardships, which are our common heritage

Having learned what Salem gently recalled

I must go to a place where there is suffering

Where the soil is dry and the earth barren

So that in work I can find my true vocation

Leaving Salem I saw the glowing fire within my heart

Slowly brightening-up my still darkened horizon

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (D2/02/10/1989)



12 Menoreh - An Obligation

The seven branched candle sticks of the temple

Were lit to shine over the face of the hills

Covering distances near and far for us to see

The brown earth now barren and lifeless

There was only one light to guide our move

To a destination as yet unknown and undisclosed

It seems that this light was earthly and heavenly

Bringing both dimensions, material and spiritual

Thus we became convinced of the journey we made

And of the existence of the place we should work

For as we live and are life upon this earth

We are called to re-create life wherever we go


God is Life and the Great Ruler of Death

In Him we live to propagate life over death

For life including death is clearly resurrection

It is growth to do the perfection of living

In God, life, death and resurrection are one

For He, the world and us are also one


If Salem the beautiful represents life

And Menoreh the barren pictures death

Then to the place of death must we go

To recreate the earth and resurrect life

For Adam did not leave Pardes in misery

But to fulfil his obligation as man

To propagate life to the world at large

So that from acts of disobedience and the fall

Love in stewardship of life may arise

Thus redeemed he shall at last see

How life and death and resurrection

Are parts of the gift of living for all

One existence bestowed upon mankind


Upon the barren hills of Menoreh

A new Pardes shall be created

A greater Salem shall be established

And a new way of thinking discovered

There men at work will see themselves

As people who escape not to idle heavens

Or creatures who merely seek for comfort

But as servants of God and friends of the world

Whose duty it is to beautify their lives

By beautifying the world they live in

(28/09/1989-01/10/1989) (H2/02/10/1989)



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