Blessed spirit of gentle poetry ~ Arranger of words that provides meaning ~  By  whom human thoughts proceed in writing ~ To comfort mankind with its own story ~ Speak kindly today with splendoured beauty ~ Amidst the sense of hopeless despairing ~ Over the follies of human making ~ Which have robbed the world its civility ~ By poetic excellence through and through ~  May the joy in every soul  be restored ~ And its vision for living be revived ~ By poetic revelation so true ~ May the patterns of wisdom be returned ~ To enhance the goodness in human life                                 


A sonnet is a poetry of love ~ A poem rather demanding and tough ~ All its lines do require good clarity ~ Otherwise mere words will not be enough ~ A sonnet is a love of poetry ~ By virtue of its harmonized beauty ~ For each line many words are organized ~ To induce the spirit of ecstasy ~  Its meaning should be clearly verified ~ Before it may be greatly amplified ~ No matter if an idea is rough ~ In sonnets it would always be refined ~ Through sonnets one may cry or freely smile ~ And ascend to reach the wisdom on high

Gracefully written in its entirety ~ A sonnet is a poetry of love ~ For which mere words will never be enough ~ Without their inner sense of ecstasy ~ By virtue of its harmonized beauty ~ The poem may turn hearts to cry or laugh ~ And proclaim as if from the throne above ~ A sonnet is a love of poetry! ~ Minds of poets have the fourteen lines graced ~ To create heaven with their earthly verses ~ From within this reality of life ~ Being exalted these minds would amaze ~ This tearful world through poetic phrases ~ That mankind might rest from its tiring strife




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CPengelola Baktinendra Prawiro, Retno Kintoko

Pengelola Baktinendra Prawiro, Retno Kintoko



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