Priority of Faith

Intimacy of God

Encounter of Man

Essence of Reality

Energy of Thought

Constancy of Change

Elements of Practice 



First   Reading : Priority of Faith

God, the Almighty One,  is faithful to the universe he has created,  since all things proceed from him alone, so that even the lowliest creature in all creation is inherently  divine,   and   nothing  is  in  existence  without  a  purpose

By  the  purity of faith, man shall  behold  the  wonders of  a  creatively  designed  universe, in which unlimited possibilities in life may be so generated, from their divine source of origin,  through human creative potentiality

A man of faith shall be inspired with a strong sense of confidence, in his human ability to overcome, even the most difficult challenge in life, and shall therefore always  believe  and  act  with  a  feeling  of  great  certainty

Whatever the odds, a man with an abiding faith dares to hope, for the best outcome, and aims to reach, for the  highest honour, in all of his endeavours,  whenever he is called  to  the  task, in  the  fulfilment  of  his  destiny in life 

The  potency  of  faith  unifies  the  energies  of  praying, thinking,  and  acting,  in  order  to  constantly galvanize all the creative factors in an undertaking, and to consistently generate all the positive  elements in  an  event  

Inner faith  is  the foundation of hope and the beginning of charity,  for  those  who  firmly believe  in  the  basic  goodness of our common life, and hence in its spiritual resilience, by  which  all  evil  may  ultimately be  overcome Faith  is  the  basis  of  all  our  hopes,  and the essence of all our expectations,  therefore we must always live in the confidence  that anything we put our minds into, and work  upon  in  faith,  shall bring its  reward in full  measure


(  The  Path  of  Determination  )


Second Reading :  Intimacy of God

God  and  all  creation  exist  together, one for  the other,   and  both  within  each - other, forming  thus  a  perfect communion, in  which a  human  incarnation becomes  their common expression of  greatness,  and image of unity

The  way  of  the universe lies in its evolutionary cycles of  change,  which are divinely guided towards the perfection of life  and the transfiguration of man,  since the conscious life  of  mankind  is  a  growing  reflection  of   the One  Life

God is the original source and substance of all things, visible and invisible, who eternally generates his divine  creativity,  throughout  every realm of creation,  by being  present  in  the  universe,   and  by  becoming  one   with  it

The  power  of God is present,  spiritually and materially,  in the universe, through his divine energies, which direct  all creation in its continuous process of change, as it  grows  harmoniously  in  its  common  path of development

The living energies of the universe are manifold, and yet one,  constantly and dynamically  active, thus making  the whole universe creatively alive, through their eternal movement  of  integration  and  differentiation  of  all  things

Divine will, creativity, and energy of the Almighty One are  fully  reflected,  in the  ever -  changing  configuration  of time, space, and motion, by which all  the processes     of  the  one  divine becoming  of  life  continue  unceasingly 

Divine creativity  causes  all  things  to  come  into  being, through the fourfold process of emanation, creation, formation,  and realization,  and  thereby  creating  a link            of   continuity   between   pure   energy   and  gross  matter



(  The  Path  of  Configuration  ) 


Third  Reading : Encounter of Man

The highest manifestation of divine creativity in the    known universe is man, who is the jewel  of creation and the crown of evolution, by whose act of mediation all of  nature  is  gradually  transformed,  for the benefit  of  life 

Man  is  a  true material  image  and  spiritual  likeness  of      his divine maker,  whose physical, mental, and spiritual faculties  generate  many  layers  of  consciousness,  by which he may comprehend all the deep complexities  of life 

The consciousness  of  man  is  part  of  the  divine mind, and  is  therefore  connected  to  the  living  energies  of    the  universe, and  all of its dynamic processes, because       of  its  cosmic  origin,  in  the  divine  unity  of  the  One Life 

Any consciously positive thought of man, which is truly inspired by faith, tends to generate an activity that will  move  in  unison   with   divine   creativity  of   the  universe, for final  the  attainment  of  a sincerely  desired  goal in life 

Man  and  the  universe  constantly  affect  each - other,   in  a  highly  responsive  way,  since  all  of  their individual processes are essentially unified in  the  natural  movement  of  the One  Life,  by  the  divine  will  of  the  Almighty  One 

Man  and  the  universe  are  evolving  together  towards  an ever higher state of existence,  through an infinitely  long   period   of   time,  in  order   to   bear   the   unity  of all  things,  which shall  mirror  the  oneness  of their maker 

The  common life  of  mankind  is  a  revelation  of  divine  creativity,  which  contains,  within  itself,  the  wisdom, knowledge, and  understanding  of  all  the ages,  through the   unlimited   accumulation   of  all   human  experiences 

(  The  Path  of  Evolution  ) 


Fourth  Reading : Essence of Reality

Overall  human awareness of life is naturally generated,  in its totality,  by  the  two  basic  inter - active  dimensions of reality, which are found in the subjective interior  realm  of  being  and the  objective  exterior  realm  of  living    

The  internal  condition  of man and the  external situation around him are dynamically related,  by means of the  dual powers of perception and projection, which originate from  the  inner -  most   dimension   of  human  awareness    

The  essential  reality  of  everyday  life,  in  its  highly natural  state of becoming, is the most important source of  knowledge,  for  the development of the human mind,  by   virtue   of   its   wholly   organized   patterns  for  living    

Reality is always dynamic and never static, because of the everlasting and all encompassing law of         change, which governs everyone, and everything, in all the transformational processes of the One Life  

Reality is basically an arrangement of five dynamic factors, namely,  situation, condition, position, orientation, and  action,  the  totality  of  which  contains  all  the potentials   for   change   in  the   daily   experiences  of  life 

A strongly positive, confident, and divinely inspired thought  tends to release pure energy, which can change the five factors governing a single and particular reality, through  the  inter - connection  of  all  things  in  an  event 

Reality  is  basically a  particular  state  of  things, related  to a  particular  state of mind,  which may be  changed  through  a  conscious  reorientation  of  the  mind, on      the  basis  of   a   clearly   defined   direction  of  attainment 

(  The  Path  of  Realization  )


Fifth  Reading : Energy of Thought

Positive   thinking   galvanizes the  pure  energy  of  inner consciousness, which may be continuously developed, widely expanded, and perfectly magnified, through a     daily  practice of  joining  the mind  and  the  heart  together 

The  organized   expansion  of  inner  consciousness  is achieved,  through  the power  of  mind - over - self,  and  the  combined  vitality  of  its differential aspects, namely,  the  mind  of  the  over - self  and   the  mind  over  the  self 

The  relationship  between a  human self and its over self is determined by the degree of inter - action,  between the active  mind  of  man  and the divine mind of the universe, by   which   the   human   mind   may  expand   its  capacity 

By faith  in  the divine power of God,  a  man can achieve anything,  as long as he has a clearly defined desire,  over  a particular goal in life,  which is supported by a strongly -held    belief   and    a   conscious    sense   of   expectancy

A   perfect  human  desire,  is the one desire that moves a  man  to  seek   always  for  the  right  things,  in  the  right  time,  and  with  the right  reasons, continuously  and  consistently,  over  a  significant    period   of   time 

A perfect desire, within the guidance of divine providence, will   follow   the  most  precious  rule,  which  states  that the  betterment  of  one   will   lead   to   the   betterment    of  all,  and  therefore  to  the  betterment   of  the  One Life 

An   expected  reality  must  be  spiritually  conceived,  mentally  created,  and  sensually  experienced,  timely, fully, and consciously, in a continuing effort of active      visualization,   before   it   can   become   an  actual   reality 

(  The  Path  of  Expectation  )


Sixth  Reading :  Constancy  of  Change

The  mind  of  the  over self  is  the  source  of  divine creativity,  whereas  the  mind  over the self  is  the application  of  human  possibility : The functional unity of the  two  points to  the divine universal  potentiality  of  man 

The  unified  flows  of inner energy,  between  the  two processes of the mind, aims for the realization of the  divine in humanity, through a continuous process of evolutionary change,  for  the  advancement of the One Life 

The  daily  application  of  mind - over - self  is  based on   the   inner   powers   of   perception  and  projection,  which  come  forth,  from   the  mind  of  the  over  self,  to  generate   the   processes   of    the   mind   over   the   self 

The  way  of  mind - over - self  is  an  inter - action, between internally perceived and externally projected process  of  change,  by  which  the inner expectation     and    outer   observation   of   man   may   be   harmonized 

By understanding the processes of change internally,    one may be able to generate a change externally, as  well as participate creatively in its unfolding, through all  the stages of its directed process  of   becoming

Since all things within creation are always changing, in a causal as well as simultaneous way, the contextual   relevance of a particular significant change, in  and  around   oneself,   may  ultimately  change   the  world   one  lives  in

The cosmic  law  of  change  determines  that  all  things,  in  the  universe,  are  existing  in  a  continuous  state of  transition  and  transformation,  since  the  cosmos  of     the   One  Life   is   providentially  and   eternally  becoming


(  The  Path  of  Application  ) 


Seventh  Reading  : Elements  of  Practice 

The  path  of mind - over - self  is a deeply  serious  activity,  which  should be conducted sincerely, truthfully, and faithfully, on the basis of a serious commitment, resolute     will  -  power,    and      dedicated     hard -  work 

A  purely  dedicated  hard - work, with a strongly     imposed discipline, should be integrated with all the manifold  aspects  of daily  living, in order to make human life  existentially  meaningful  and  potentially  successful 

A well organized pattern for living should be practised diligently,  for  a  mastery  of   the   self,   and   its  chosen  path  of  direction  in  life, through  a  continuous  process of   learning   on   the  various  aspects  of  human   activity 

The  spiritual  aspect  of  human learning is a refined    inner process, which should be experienced with    prayerful  attitude, heartfelt gratitude, perfect humility,    and   mindful   receptivity   to   the   divine   source   of   life 

A   consciously   directed   focus   of  human  awareness is   a   means,   for   the   mind,   to   initiate   the   fourfold practice of inner enlightenment, namely, concentration, contemplation,   meditation,   and   illumination  of  the  soul 

A growing  desire  for  harmonious  creativity in  human  life

is  an  inner  sign,  for  the  mind,  to enter into  the fourfold process of human empowerment, namely, unification, synchronization,  integration,  and   realization  of   the  self 

The indwelling faith of the human heart is a perfect          guide,  for  the  mind,  to  comprehend  the  fourfold  pattern of divine accomplishments, namely, emanation, creation,   formation,   and   materialization   of    the   world          

(  The  Path  of   Transfiguration  )




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