Conception of Reality

Consciousness of Man

Vision of Success

Projection of Reality

Words  of  Encouragement

Imprinting of Beliefs

Focus of Action 



First  Reading : Conception  of  Reality


Reality  is  essentially  fluid, nothing is completely  fixed, and  all are actual patterns  in  constant  motion, since      the  universe  is  a  truly vast  and  inseparable  web of dynamic  activity, which is alive  and  constantly  changing 


The great universe, at its  primary  level,  is  a  boundless sea of energy,  which  permeates  every  object  and    act, and  where everything affects everything else, since all things are  integrated  within  that  vast  energy  system


The universe, the nature of reality, and our thinking process  are  holographic, since the whole  is contained and reflected in each  one  of  its parts,  therefore we live in one  integrated,  synchronized,  and unified living system


In   the  universe  we  are  not  really separate,  but  part  of    the One Life, therefore our inspiration, prayer, and intuition  will  also  naturally  follow  cosmic  patterns  and  laws,  hich  we an  discover and  use   to  our  benefit


The   mind   creates  its  own  reality,  since  its activity is   a creative process,  which can also help us to direct the same  energies  that  hold  matter  together,  change water  into  steam, or  cause  a  seed  to  sprout  and  grow


Consciousness,  which  resides  in our  thinking process,   is energy in its purest, finest, most dynamic, and  most  creative  form,  and  therefore  possesses  the  ability 

to construct reality,  through its directed application


Our  positive  thoughts  will create  positive  reality,  while our  negative  thoughts   will  create  negative  reality  : This  is   the   law   of   life   and    the   way   of   the   universe, by   which   all  things  in   life  are  continuously  organized



( The  Path of Emanation )  


Second  Reading : Consciousness  of  Man 

Inner reality is the world of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, while outer reality is the world of people, places, and events : Our aim is to enable the inner world  to  direct  the outer  world,  rather than merely  reacting to it


Our   inner consciousness  is  an  influential and  powerful   force,  with  an  immense  amount  of  capacity, since  it  is a purely innate energy, which  can  move  every thought in our  minds  to  find  its  manifestation  in  the  outer world


The repetition of a  thought  turns  a  weak and scattered force into a strong and concentrated one, generating  either  a  constructive  or destructive result, depending on whether the thought itself  is   positive   or  negative


The  growth  of  the  human  self  must  be  achieved    with will power and iron discipline,  through the cultivation  of the mind, which will make it fertile for powerful, appropriate,  and  positive   consciousness    to   grow  in


In order to change our adverse situation and condition,  we   have  to   change   our   adverse   thoughts,  primarily by   generating    a    consciousness    which    is  oriented

towards   health,   abundance,   prosperity,  and  happiness


In  order  to  attain what  we  want, we have  to  change  our thinking, from merely wishing for something to   strongly  desiring  it, by additionally  supporting  it  with     an   ever - increasing    sense   of   belief  and   expectancy


Considering  that  our  minds  will always, and forever,     be  creating  our  reality,  we  must  consciously  get our   minds to work for us, rather than ignorantly allowing them  to  work in  ways  that  will  hinder  and  hold us back


( The Path of Cultivation )


Third  Reading : Vision  of  Success 


We  should  be  conscious  of  anything  we  do,  since changes at present taking place determine what we will become, in the same way that our past thoughts, and consequences,  determined   what  we  have  now  become  


We have to accept our present conditions, however adverse, instead of pretending or feeling sorry for ourselves,  before  all   the   positive  changes,  from  our daily  practice   of   mind - power,  might  gradually  happen


We have to be consistent with our daily practice, and ignore any negative thoughts, since change is a  cumulative process, for which vision, perseverance, understanding,  and   commitment  will  be  highly  required


We have to acknowledge problems as an important and  valuable  part  of  our  lives,  and  to  understand  their significance,  in  order  to  turn  every  situation  into  an  opportunity,   which   may   beneficially  serve  our  purpose


We have to open ourselves up and explore our problems, in  a  comprehensive  manner,  to  look  for  any  possible information,  since  definite  messages  and  signals,  from

the universe,  often  come to  us  in  the  form  of  problems


We have to carry out our regular practice, with a       growing sense of expectation, in order to motivate ourselves for the attainment of success, since all of our future  experiences  are  dynamically  alive

within  us  now


We shall encourage our lives, by experiencing the infinite possibilities and eternal consequences of thought training, since development of the self is a calling as well as a commandment, and a  choice  as  well  as  a  responsibility



(The  Path  of  Motivation)


Fourth  Reading  : Projection  of  Reality 


Creative visualization involves working with natural laws and energies, and hence with a force that directs our innate power, on the basis of which a possible future may be  created,  through  its  constant  picturing  in  our  minds


We  can  effectively project  the  future  by  thinking,  creating, characterizing, energizing, and experiencing a desired event  in  our minds,  while  regularly nourished any  associated  thought,  until  the  final  results  are  produced 


We can alternately practice precise and free - flowing visualization, repetitively, with a predetermined set of pictures,  and  a  free  flow  of  any images and thoughts,  as  long  as  they  are positively related  to our specific goal


Regular practice, over an extended period of time, will  allow for constant imprinting, of an image, to gradually clear any doubts, or contradictory thoughts, and thereby making our visualized  goal more clearly in all  of  its details


Seeding describes feelings, which are added to accompany our mental pictures, in a process of visualisation, in order to bring in the physical sense of achievement  we  are  after,  as if  we have received it  now


Seeding, in visualization exercise,  is actually an act of   claiming   what   we  want, in  the  inner  world,  which  is  the  world  of  thought  and  energy,  where  a  very  powerful   process   towards   fulfilment   may  be   initiated


We  have  to  trust  the  process,  throughout  all  the  combined  exercises  of  seeding  and  visualization, in   the consistent   belief  that  when  we  regularly  open     up,    opportunities   will   also   correspondingly   open   up



(The Path of Imagination)


Fifth   Reading : Words  of  Encouragement


An affirmation is a simple statement, which is frequently  repeated to ourselves, in order to influence our minds,    and support our desire, by allowing them to pick - up  its message content,  and over - all implications for the self


An affirmation is effectively powerful in itself, since   positive  words  are  constantly  and  gradually  absorbed into our minds,  therefore we must always be on guard   against  any  unconscious  use  of   a  negative  affirmation


Our minds can focus better with a shorter, simpler, more  precise and meaningful composition of words, in an affirmation, since it will allow for easy and constant  repetition, as  well  as  fuller comprehensive  internalization


Acknowledging is done to maintain a success vibration, from our past and present achievements, identifiable areas of strength, and specific positive qualities, with the purpose  of  energizing  our minds  for  some  future  goals


We  should  therefore  create  good  feelings,  by making  a  long   list  of  our  positive  qualities  and  capabilities,  which  will  in  turn generate positive vibrations, for us to  form  a  strong  mental  foundation  of  our  future  success


We need to feed our minds by working with thought -energy, getting involved in our lives, acknowledging our qualities, and believing in ourselves, since our success vibration   will  also  attract  more   success  energy  for  us


We should always confidently acknowledge that as we create consciousness, the same consciousness will    create reality, thus our affirmations should always be directed   towards  the  achievement   of  a  successful  life


( The Path of Affirmation )


Sixth   Reading : Imprinting  of  Beliefs       


Many beliefs, which produce worry, negative, or limiting suggestions, have been acquired through our up -    bringing and experiences, and unconsciously used against ourselves, often  with an  adversely  negative consequence


Since our sub - conscious minds and our life experiences are directly connected, our minds tend to absorb, and   truly accept, negative beliefs and suggestions, which may consequently  be used  to  bring their corresponding  reality


We  have  to  carefully  select  what  we  want to believe, since there is a tendency in ourselves to see strong evidence in life, which may negatively supports  a mistaken belief   already   imprinted   in   our  sub - conscious  minds


A  new  and  positive  belief  must be voluntarily planted    in  our  sub - conscious  minds,  through  a  constant     and repetitive program of imprinting, in order to focus     our   minds   towards   a   changed   and   improved   reality


We need to identify our limiting beliefs, usually associated with  some difficult aspects of our lives, and place against each  of  them  a  newer and  more supportive belief, by  imprinting them repetitively into  our sub - conscious minds


Since every belief needs time and attention, before it can flourish, we have to impress into our minds only one or two new beliefs, over a significant period of  time,  through  regular and constant  effort  of  repetition


During  the  germination  period  we  should  try  to  make  a  new  belief  feel  so  real,  and  ignore  any ideas  to the contrary,  while it is being mentally  imprinted,  through  a  combination  of  affirmation  and  contemplation



( The Path of Transformation )


 Seventh   Reading : Focus  of  Action


Concentration is an act  of  focusing  our whole attention, on  a  particular  object,  until   we  become  conscious  of  nothing  else,  since  all  things  have  consequently  become  one,  with  the  object   of  our   directed   attention


Contemplation  is  a   concentrated   thinking  activity,  by    which   we   may   break   through   the   visible   surface of  things, and  look  beyond  mere  appearance,  in  order  to  explore   their   deeper  meaning  and  implication


The conscious acts of concentrating and contemplating require  diligent   practice,  as well  as  great  patience,  through a total dedication of  effort,  which  involves every single faculty of  the  human  body,  mind,  and  spirit


The contemplation of a particular theme should be preceded, with a preliminary concentration, on the material containing it, until we become wholly absorbed, in the deep  mental processing of our  inner  thoughts


Contemplation requires a gentle and firm control of the mind,  and  involves  creative  questioning  and  probing,  with continuous dismissal of all irrelevant thoughts, and consistent  enquiry,  through a  sequential thinking process


By  disciplining  the  mind  we  can  develop our powers  of  concentration,  which will enable us to deepen and enrich our  understanding of the mind processes, in order to  use  them  in  our  natural   path   of   self - development


When  we  have  contemplated  all  aspects of our  training,  and  understood  their significance,  we  shall be  ready  to  live  more  effectively,  through  a  greater degree  of   reliance   on   our   expanded   natural   abilities


( The Path of Observation ) 




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