Storage of Ideas

Image of Confidence

Process of Healing

Prosperity of Life

Meeting of Minds

Fulfilment of Relationships

Sense of Happiness



First   Reading : Storage of Ideas


In  a  holographic  universe  every  event  and  every  thought  is  an   inseparable  part  of  the  whole,   while every  part  contributes  to  a  well - organized  system, and functions  meaningfully,   by  associating  with  each - other


Our sub - conscious minds are connected to the creatively designed universe, and has access to any information,  within its highly intelligent system, from which original thoughts,  ideas,  and  concepts  may  readily  be  obtained


Our  sub - conscious  minds  are  not  mere  depository  of the past, but are also full of future ideas and conditional  possibilities,  since  they are all  rooted  in  the Collective Unconscious, which  is  the  matrix  of  all things


The  cultivation  of  the  mind  will  enable  us  to  come up with inspired ideas, and to make astute decisions,  since our minds have the capability to understand relatively  well   - organized   patterns   of   all  living   things 


Since  all   things  exist   within  each of us,  we  can   be  assured   that  all  the  right  decisions,  ideas,  and  solutions  are  already  present  in  our  sub - conscious  minds, and  awaiting  there for our  command to come forth


We should always state clearly, and silently repeat to  ourselves, instructions that  we  wish the mind to carry  out,  while generating the attitudes of faith, acceptance,  confidence,  and expectancy,  deep  within our inner selves


Since  positive  attitudes  produce  vibrations  of  energy,  they  tend  to attract  answers  and  solutions  that we are  seeking,  which  may then come up in a variety of ways,  but always with an overpowering sense  of  certainty


(  The  Path  of  Intuition  ) 



Second  Reading   : Image  of  Confidence 


The formation of our self - image is determined by our childhood, a period during which we accepted many ideas about ourselves, and by other experiences   and  impressions,  which   we  have   acquired later  in  life


Events in some unfortunate past could have been traumatically impressed, upon our sub - conscious minds,  and thus permanently creating, in the process, certain beliefs,  which  may  lessen  our  personal sense  of  worth


We have  to maintain and continuously  reinforce  our self image, in order to generate a strong, vibrant, healthy, and impressive sense of personality, by insisting and programming ourselves to be   self - confident   persons


We must always hold - on  to  the  belief   that  we  are unique, in our innate capacity to do anything, because  of our  immense  potentiality  for great - living,  from   which unlimited possibilities  in life may  truly be  generated



It  is  our personal responsibility  to  create,  mould,  and  form our self - image, since we shall always become   whatever we  consistently, and continually, think about and insist  upon,  with  confidence,  for its  eventual   realization


We should all begin the gradual transformation of our - self image, by initially loving ourselves and hence accepting the way we are, and then by consciously  exploring  for  some  characteristics  of  our desired  selves


Characteristics  of  a  desired  picture  of  the  self  are to  be  clearly  determined  by  a  detailed  examination  of  our  personal  desires,  wishes,  and  aspirations, on  the  basis of  which  a  particular image may  be  actualized


(  The  Path  of  Restoration  )




Third  Reading  : Process  of  Healing


The   mind   and  the  physical   body   are   inter - twined,  and  the cycle of disease  can eventually  work either way,     since  the  human  body  and  the human mind  can  cause an effect upon  each  - other,  either positively or  negatively


The one real cure for any illness should be found within ourselves, since the human body is wonderful  healing  mechanism,  and  the  mind  is  a  great  healer,  which   can  set   the   process  of  self - healing  in  motion


In order to maintain or restore our own health, we should always gratefully remind ourselves that  the body naturally heals, repairs and renews itself, because of  its own  tremendously active  healing  power


We must always insert thoughts of health and strength, in our inner minds, and constantly encourage them with continuous affirmation, and acknowledgement, of the inherent healing power of the human   body


Experience  daily  the  healing  flow  of  energy  through the body, while  creating  thoughts of health and strength, for us to bathe in and, in the process,    rejuvenate  our  blood  -  stream, living   tissues,  and  cells


Happiness and enjoyment of life generate powerful inner healing effects, while depressive attitudes such as worry, negative expectation, and panic are sources of disturbance   to  the  mind,  which  may  encourage  illness       


We must always treat disease as a normal process that  comes  and  goes,  and  then  consciously  use  our visualization and affirmation to cure it,  either  strongly and  thus  combatively , or gently  and  hence  persuasively


( The Path of Rejuvenation ) 



Fourth  Reading : Prosperity  of  Life


Our  responsibility  is  to  succeed,  since  our  success  will   help   many   people,   while   our  failure  will help no one,  thus  we have to begin  working  for our success, by creating our prosperity  consciousness


Prosperity consciousness is a  powerful faith and attitude system, which will encourage us to believe that our common universe is abundantly prosperous and therefore  scarcity should  never be  its  permanent  feature


We  have  to  open  ourselves  up,  and  receive  the limitless  opportunities  presented   to  us,  by  developing prosperity beliefs, since the universe is abundantly resourceful,  and  our own  common  life  is  fully rewarding


When we begin to create prosperity consciousness, and  acknowledge  it  now  in  our  everyday  life,  we are actually releasing a flow of energy, which in time  will  be  aiding  us  to  achieve  our  future   prosperity 


We  should  recognize,  acknowledge,  associate  with,  and  feel  joy  and  happiness,  every  time  we  see success,   whoever  it  belongs to,  since  grudging  is a mental poison,  which could  bring  us  adverse  effects


While desiring  success  positively,  we should  participate  actively  in  success   oriented   groups   of  people,  in order to integrate ourselves into a strong network of associates,  which vibrates  with  the  energy  of  prosperity


By   associating  with  great  and  successful  people, real  or historical,  we could  experience,   feel,  and henceforth absorb their prosperity vibration and energy,  which  may  even  shape   our  lives  for  future  prosperity



(The  Path  of  Multiplication)



 Fifth  Reading : Meeting  of  Minds


Since   the   universe  is  an   organized  network  of  living  beings, as  well  as  elemental  things,  we  can  confidently    expect that each of us will find, sometime, and  somewhere,   a   meaningful   association    with   someone


When  we  are  looking  for  an  ideal  companion  in  life, we  should  picture in  our  minds  the   type  of  person   we  are  looking  for,  and  create  in  our  inner  world general   characteristics   of   our   visualized   relationships


Without being too specific about external appearances, we should creatively picture, in our minds, inner qualities, physical ideals, tender moments, warm intimacies, and  joyful   togetherness    that   we   will   mutually   appreciate


We  should  mentally focus on  anything, we can give,  and  share  with  each - other,  and  consciously  request our own sub  -  conscious  minds,  to provide us with various   ways   and  means,  for  us  to  meet  that  person 


We can also use the  same  exercise  to  find  a working   partner, or associate,  with  whom  we  can jointly make  a  work  effort,  in  order  to  achieve  our  common prosperity,  for our   mutual  benefit    and    satisfaction


When we are looking for a working partner, our minds should be clearly oriented towards specific  characteristics,    such as good rapport, firm connection, mutual receptivity, suitable  talent, matching  expertise, and  good  productivity


We should always confidently trust that our visualization, affirmation,  and  intuition  will  gradually  set  our  inner   forces in motion, in order to give us creative ideas and instructions  to  follow,  in our  personal quest  of  discovery


(  The  Path  of  Association  ) 




Sixth  Reading    :    Fulfilment  of  Relationships


When  we  consciously  open  up  ourselves  to  others,  we  are  actually  reaching  out  to  open  up  others,  and  by  enriching  and  empowering  others, we are in fact   allowing   others  to  enrich  and  empower  ourselves


We  all  need  to  share,  and  interact  with others, in order  to  have  ourselves  touched  and  nourished  at    our deepest  levels,  through  a  process which  effectively strengthens and  thereby  confirms  our sense  of humanity


Every  person  is  a  star,  unique and special,  because of  the  seeds  of  greatness  within  them,  therefore  we have to consistently respect everyone, and deliberately  try   to   see  beyond,   into   their  amazing   inner  qualities


When we  take the attitude of helping anyone to see their own  greatness,  we  are  actually  enabling  them  to offer us, and therefore everyone else, the highly desirable possibility of   a   meaningful  and   enriching   relationship



Compassionate  sensitivity,  to  the  feelings  of  others,  will enable us to understand the problems of others, and  encourage  us  to  change  our  thought  forms positively,  in  order  to  generate  real   positive   changes   in  others


We  should  all  regularly  empower  ourselves  to  be  strong,  loving,  open,  and   free   persons,  by  diligently employing our basic daily mind - power exercises, in            order  to  positively  cultivate  our relationships  with  others


When we openly empower others, with our encouraging  words, friendly greetings, loving thoughts, and positive mental transmissions, we are effectively strengthening not only  others,  but  in - fact  also  ultimately  our  own  selves


( The Path  of  Interaction )  




Seventh  Reading : Sense  of  Happiness


Since all creation proceeds with a dynamic creativity, and our essential selves are creative potentiality,    we  can always  turn  into  reality,  whatever is in our     minds,  by  the  power   which  manifests  all  things  in  life Within every intention and desire, there is an infinite organizing power working for its fulfilment,  which  will  arise  when  an  intention  or  desire  has  been truly planted,  in   our  essential   nature   of  creative  potentiality When our forceful  and  exerted  effort continuously fails,   we   have  to  try  the   possibility  of  doing  things, with  the  least  of  effort,  through  the  harnessing  of all  the  forces  of  harmony,  joy,  and  love  in  our  action We    have   to   detach   ourselves   from   the  fossilized mental  state  of  our  past,  with its known certainty, and  step  into  the  presently  unknown  state  of uncertainty,   which   contains  creative  future  possibilities



Since  nothing really exists in isolation, everything in life must have its cause and effect, and consequently  whatever we do will tend to produce a force of   energy,   which   returns   to   us   everything   in   like  kind The   way  of  the  universe  is  a  dynamic  exchange of   mutual   giving  and  receiving,  which  involves everyone  and  everything,  and  seems  to  allow  for  us  to   receive   abundantly,  whenever  we   shall   give   willingly A cle        ar sense of happiness will grow within us, whenwe  have  found  our  true purpose  in  life,  by  whichwe may then be able to blend a unique gift, or special talent,   with  sincere   service   for   the   welfare  of  others


(  The  Path  of  Orientation  ) 




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