Miracle of Man

Source of Abundance

Sincerity of Action

Roots of Friendship

Sense of Discovery

Moment of Destiny

Spirit of Greatness




First  Reading :  Miracle of Man


We are the greatest miracle of nature, who have been created in the greatness, magnificence, and brilliance of the Almighty One, and are therefore able to see the greatness  of  all things, and  experience  heaven  on  earth


We  shall  behold  the splendour  of  divine  energy, when we look deep within us, and in gratitude see the magnificence of our being, in whom the divine life of  the  universe  is  truly  manifested,  in all of its  fullness


When  we  live  in  union  with  nature,  we  shall  live  with  our true  selves,  since by  living  in  accordance  with  the  law  of nature,  we  are  in  fact  allowing  free  natural  flow,  into every  single  experience  of  our  lives


By  living  with  nature,  we  may  discover  the  creative  core  within us, and then through its expression, and  expansion,  we  will consciously experience, a dynamic  sense  of  growing  alignment,  with the  spirit  of  all  things 


Since creative self - expression is the closest we can   get to our natural state of being, the imaginative  use of our naturally creative talents will become our road  to  well  -  being,  true  happiness, and peace of mind


All things in life are ultimately possible, through the    powerful  free  -  flow  of  our  inner  life  -  force,  which may cause an energy of thought to manifest  its  visualized  form, by  moving  all its  intensity  into  reality


When we embrace life consciously and enthusiastically, we  will discover the presence of the one life - force, which is the divine spirit that moves in  all   things,   and   fills   everything   with   its   life  -  energy



(  The  Path  of  Magnification  )


Second  Reading : Source  of  Abundance


The  act of  reaching  for  the  stars  is  an  act  of  requesting  the  universe,  for  all  of  its myriad  wonders         and miracles, since the  universe  always  rearranges      itself   to   accommodate   our   desired   picture   of   reality


Being  the  first  born  of  all  living  things, in  this  great universe,  we  are confident,  in  our  belief, that  whatever we  can  conceive, we  can  also  achieve, and  whatever     is  possible,  in   the   world,   will  also  be  possible  for  us


The vast universe of mankind is full of unlimited possibilities, the prosperity and abundance of which  may  be  commonly  granted  unto  us,  because  of  our divine  right  to  the  sacred  inheritance  of  the   One   Life                                                     


Since we are a source of abundance, and co - creates  with  the  All  Universal  Source,  when  we  think  and feel  prosperous,  we  shall  also  become  prosperous,  both   for  our  sake   and   for   the  sake   of   all  humanity



Nothing   will  ever come  to  us  that  we  do  not  allow     to  enter into our lives,  either deliberately,  by confusion,  or  neglect, because   what  we constantly think, feel, and  say  tend  to  determine  what  we  shall  experience  in  life


We have thus to examine what is the real focus of our thoughts are, on most of the days, and then change our thinking and dialogue, whenever we want  to generate tremendous inner energies to change our  lives


We   shall  experience  what   we  believe  in,  and  focus our  energy  into,  for  whatever  we  vividly  imagine, ardently  desire,  sincerely  believe,  and  enthusiastically act  upon, in  faith, must inevitably  come  to  pass



(  The  Path  of  Anticipation  )


Third  Reading : Sincerity  of  Action


We  belong  to  our own dreams,  we belong to ourselves, and not  to the expectations of others, therefore we must always follow our own guiding star in life, instead of following  a  path  that  others  may try  to  impose upon  us


We  should  try to go  beyond  the  question, in order to do and be ourselves, since no one, but  we ourselves,  shall be able to unlock the hidden treasures within our own hearts,  and souls,  in a personally meaningful way


The true contentment of our hearts will never be      determined by our wealth, which can become a personal bondage, if our attachment to it moves us to hoard  possessions,  and  instils in  us  the  fear  of  loosing  them


We must hence learn how to surrender any situation of bondage gracefully, in order to confidently take our next step, in the path to peace and fulfilment, and  thereby  opening   ourselves  to  other  opportunities  in  life



It  is always  more  important  to be  the  right  person  than  to  find  the  right  person,  by  becoming a  person  who  can  love  and  appreciate  oneself,  through  the  act  of   believing  that  unconditional  love  is  a  state  of  being


Since love is not essentially something that we do, but  something that  we  are,  we  can only love sincerely when  we offer our own selves, and enter into  the lives of others,  by committing all  things  to  our mutual  happiness 


When we consciously love ourselves, we can love others  truthfully, and  through  that  generous act of loving brings  a glowing light of inner energy, which will enlighten our hearts,  and   enable  us   to   leave  no  room  for  rejection



( The  Path  of  Emancipation )   


Fourth  Reading : Roots  of  Friendship


Only a good friend could care for our wounded  feelings, bring sunshine in our darkest nights, and  make us joyful through some difficult times with  a  compassionate  presence  so  profoundly  experienced


It  is  a  heavy  load  to  spend  every moment  with an enemy, especially if he  is  found  within us, therefore  we   have  to be our own best  friends,  by accepting ourselves, and conseque




[BeN Poetica] - [Book of Adam]