Name of Existence

Work of Worship

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First  Reading : Name of Existence


We can hear the gentle call, within the halls of the heart, which echoes throughout all eternity, across now and forever, thus continually urging us to give our immediate  response  to the great  divine  becoming  of  life


In comprehension we shall dutifully name ourselves, and then name everything that exists around us, since we bear the divine name of the Almighty One, which forever  binds  us to the one covenant of   life


We must all choose our own individual path of calling, and proceed alone in the journey on that chosen path  to meet our personal destiny, for a journey by one  is  always  a  journey  with one -  self  and  for  one  -  self


We must fight bravely and valiantly, within the deepest part  of  our  hearts,  against  the  indwelling  sense  of  fear, since  it  is a great  and  mighty  enemy,  with  a  power  that could  make us  fearful  even  of  life  itself 


Every endeavour always carries its own possible risk,   the successful  accomplishment  of  which  shall give a return comparatively more worth - while, therefore we  have  to go  boldly  and  take  our  every  chance in  life


When we bless life in its entirety, we shall also be blessed entirely in life, and all the generous blessings,  from   the   original cause of  the  One  Life,  will  come our way to enrich  and  fulfil our  lives  most  abundantly


Therefore, in the spirit of thanksgiving, let us always  love this wonderful life dearly, and forever rejoice in  its continual unfolding, by willingly partaking in all of  its  precious,  holy,   and  living  sacramental   mysteries



( The Path of  Invocation )  


Second  Reading : Work of Worship


All  of  nature  is constantly  working  to  serve  the  life  it  contains, and  is  continuously  adapted  by  the  force  of     its movement,  therefore diligently working with devotion  is  a   sacred  act  of  embracing  the  way  of  the  One Life


Creative patterns of all things, in our great universe,   produce unlimited possibilities of action in life, hence creative thinking may also determine our human effort  of   labour,  and  the  expected  outcome of  its  productivity


Whenever we produce abundantly in our personal commission  of  work,  we  will  also  be  asked  to   share  generously  with  others,  in  order  to  fulfil  our sense  of  charity,  and  to  create  opportunities  for  others


We must all believe, through our genuine faith in God,     that any true adoration of divine life will generate an immense power,  which  could  definitely  move all  the natural  forces, in  the universe, to  benefit  all  living  things 


Joyfully praising  the  Almighty  One  broadens  our  vision of life, and makes all of us aware of all the goodness,  kindness,  and  happiness  that  life  has in store  for  us,  therefore  let us now  rejoice and  be happy


Anyone who appreciates life will have the capacity  to love, and thereby the ability to have compassion on others, since divine love, which permeates the whole universe,  is  also  the  underlying  reason  of  its  existence


In our true devotion to the divine cause of life,   both work and worship are equally important, the one strengthening the other, and the two becoming one  in  action,  always  for  the  common  benefit  of  all



 ( The Path of Adoration )


Third Reading  : Patterns of Prayer


The formation of an idea begins with the inspiration of a thought, which will be profoundly received in the depths our minds, and immediately pictured in our vision, as  well  as  categorically  revealed  for our comprehension


When  we  focus  our minds  to  a  particular  inspiration, and confidently absorb its overpowering sense of  certainty,  it  will  gradually  unfold  itself,  and  thus  begin the  process  of  creating  its  own  possible    reality


By constantly directing ourselves for personal growth,  we  are  facilitating the unification of body, mind, and spirit, which will enable us to understand the meaning and  implication  of  a  vision,  with   a   deeper  sensitivity


Systematically directing our minds will eventually enable  us to consciously direct our thoughts of prayer, by which  our focused and living intention will be moving in its   intensity,   towards   the   source  of   our   heavenly   vision


We have to aim our conscious intention in its  directed   path   of   probability,  in  order  to  mobilize  our  external  and  internal  sources  of  energy,  for  a  successful  undertaking of our designated  mission


Making  the  move  and  doing  the  act  is  an  important component  in  any organized task, because  real   action will transform an intention to its ultimate results, and changes  a  mere  dream  into  an   awaited  reality


When  we  have  set  ourselves  to  reach  a  particular goal,  we  should constantly  link  our  vision,  mission, and   action, by simultaneously praying, thinking, and working, for   the    attainment    of    the  singular   goal  in  question



( The Path of Amplification )


Fourth  Reading : Motion of Harmony


We need to harmonize all of our conflicting desires,   before  we  can  begin  to  harmonize  them  with  the desires of others, as well as with the perfectly  harmonious   ways  of   the  great   universe   we   live  in


There are basic tendencies, habits, and urges within  ourselves, which frequently influence our unconscious mode of behaviour, and should, therefore, be always synchronized with  our  consciously  organized  personality


A  new  starting  point,  for  the growth of our humanity, may  be  obtained,  when  we  unify  all  the  elemental parts of the self, which are deeply anchored in our dreams,   memories,  reflections,  wishes,  and  aspirations


When all of the composite selves,  within  each of us,   have  been  clearly  identified  and  properly understood,  we  should  integrate  them  into  our  new  image  of  man,  which  is  all  historical,  and   yet   eschatological


By  crystallizing  our thoughts we shall be able to    intensify all  the  positive  effects  of  an  idea,  in a  specific activity,  through  the  established  linkage between our  internal  vision   and  our  external  action


We can dynamically organize all the existing forces,  from within and around us, for the accomplishment  of our mission, by creating a magnified synergy of  our  physical,  mental,  and  spiritual  energies  of  life


Great intensity of prayer has a strong tendency to purify our  intentions, clarify our  thoughts, and  energize our  acts,  not  only  through  our own  capabilities, but  also  through  the  creative  powers of  the One Life 


( The Path of Evocation )


Fifth  Reading&nbs





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