Record of Time

Virtue of Learning

Joy of Harvesting

Realm of Infinity

Character of Service

Stages of Life

Potency of Man




First  Reading  : Record  of  Time


In the chronological flow of time every moment is related with every other moment, and each moment is a  reflection  of  time  eternal,  therefore  an observation on  of  a particular time - event is an  exploration  into  eternity 

Within the configuration of time, space, and motion  there is a momentum for a divine revelation of grace,  which may convert a noble act of man, at a particular  time,  into  an  all  eternal   legacy  of  life   across   time   

Remembrance  of  a  good  deed  from  the  past  is  a  seed of future greatness, by the sense of motivation it  may generate in  the present, from which clarity of vision, nobility  of  mission,  and  certainty   of   action  are  derived 

Clarity of vision is obtained through the spiritual quest of man, in which he prayerfully enters into the inner - most  part  of  his  heart,  and  in  the  process reaches divine  eternity  to receive a   commandment   of   life   

Nobility of mission is a sense of purpose in life, which  begins to grow, when an inner vision of the spirit has       been measured against events from everyday life, upon  which   a   noble  path   of   life  is  continuously   patterned 

Certainty of action is a sense of determination, for  a  particular act,  which  will  be  present  when  an  inner conviction  of  the  heart  has  been  harmonized,  with a  thoroughly  honest  assessment  of  a   current  situation 

Everyone is truly called to participate everywhere in the One Life, and  to make a real difference in the life of the world, by committing his life for the improvement of  all  life,   in    order    to   make    life    worth   living   for


( The Path of Inspiration )


Second  Reading : Virtue  of  Learning


Virtue  lies  in  the  constant  learning  for  a  mastery  of  life, upon  which  the  ability  to  rule  over  the  body is  attained,  through  the  strengthening  of  the  mind,  by   the  divine   power   of   human   spiritual   mindfulness 

Divine  mastery  of  life  may  be achieved, by developing  constant awareness of the triune energies of life, namely, the living energy of the body, the forming  energy of the mind,  and  the  guiding  energy  of  the  spirit 

The triune energies of life are expressions of the one  living  energy,   within   the  all  divine  becoming  of life, by which the continuation of life is made possible, through  the   wonderful   power  existing   within   life  itself 

There is an essentially divine guidance in all the   processes of living, which may surely lead a man with  an  open  heart,  to  the  unlimited  possibilities  in  life,  by  which  he  may  experience   divine  fulfilment  of  life 

A  commitment  to  life is an act of initiation, which places  a  person  within  the  divine  guidance  of  life,  in  whose overwhelming presence all of the divine blessings,  and  energies,  and  powers  may  abundantly  be  given 

A  service  to   the  all  divine   becoming  of  life  confirms  a   person  in   his   place  of  honour,  and  exaltation, in the  great  kingdom  of  life, in  which  he  will  become   one   of   the   greatest,  through   his   worthy  endeavours 

Every  man  should  work  in  life,  with  life,  and  for  life, since  the  creator  of  all  life,  who  is  present  within           life, is  also  life  in  its  totality,  through  whom  all  things are    gradually    moving   towards   the   fulfilment   of   life  


(  The  Path  of  Initiation  )


Third  Reading   : Joy  of  Harvesting


A divine flow of life arises from the human spirit,  to renew and awaken the human mind, in order to  make the human body a perfect instrument for the   purpose  of   the  One  Life, in  its daily  activity  of   work 

The field of daily work is a ground for celebration, where the prayer of thanksgiving is given for the beautiful harvest of the season, and the prayer of petition  is  offered, for  the  planting  of  seeds  in  the  next season 

By  the  great  covenant of life the Almighty One confers  his blessings, the land  produces  its crops, and  mankind  sanctifies  work,  through  worship, in order  to  bring      forth  a   harvest  of   plenty,  as  a   gift   of   the  One   Life 

The  Almighty  One,  the  universe,  and  mankind  are    one in the unity of the One Life, and jointly participate in the everlasting  process of life, which is the all divine becoming of life,  and  universal  source  of all things

By  the  consciously  directed  thought  of prayer all  things are renewed, and the cycle of planting and harvesting  begins  again, when  the  night of the full  moon gives way to  a  new  day  of  the golden  sun 

All  is now inaugurated  and  the  One  Life is magnified,  when the bright  morning sun rises ever higher, to    bestow its enhancing power of life,  upon this land  of  hope  and glory, where  the  blessed   life  continues 

Therefore, everyone must always find the guiding light, within the inner heart, and cheerfully enter into the  sacred battle field of work, for the wonderful presence of  the  Almighty One  is  truly here,   now  and   forever


(  The  Path  of  Inauguration  )


 Fourth  Reading : Realm  of  Infinity


There is a tranquil island in the sacred lake of serenity,  a divine realm of mystical experience, where a blessed   line of spiritual stewardship was quietly begun, in time immemorial, to endure  forever,   throughout all  eternity 

By the sacred mountain of prayer and the holy river of praise, a man enters into the realm of pure potentiality, where divine mystery of life shall reveal its wonderful power,  in  response  to   all  spiritual   thoughts   of   action


Mastery   of   the   body    enhances   the   power   of   the

mind  and  encourages   the   way  of   the   spirit,  making

the   body  a   worthy   vessel   of   the  great  life  -  force,

and   perfect  manifestation   of   the   One   Universal   Life


Through  the sacred  path  of  transcendental  unification, the awakened  soul  within  the mind  goes  beyond  time,  and binds itself to its ancient source of origin, in order to receive  its   golden   inauguration  of  the One Sacred  Life 

The soul  is  within  the  mind,  and  the  mind  is within  the  body,  thus  the  spiritual  emanation of divine life  becomes integrated  with  the  material  manifestation of   man,  bringing  yet  again  and  again,  a  new  dawn  in  life 

A   vision  from   the  One  Life  generates   a  sense         of mission, and a strength of conviction, which will ultimately  determine  a  carefully  chosen  aim  in  life,  and  energize   every   action   for   its   eventual   materialization 

Serving  the  One  Life  is the greatest vision of all, and   he  who  is  called  to  its  mission  belongs to  a    common  brotherhood, which  exists  across  time,  and  in  different  places,  and  yet  unified  in their action for life 


(  The  Path  of  Consecration  )


Fifth  Reading  :  Character of Service


Life  is  like  a  river  flow , which must be protected at its source, and guarded in its course, since it is a dynamic process of continuity, with fathomless depths that reflect all  the sacred and  wonderful  mysteries  of  the  One Life  

The three dimensional unity of body, mind, and spirit constitutes  a  human  life, which  experiences the seven transitional  stages of development, namely, conception, birth,   childhood,  youth,  adulthood,  old  age,  and  death 

The abiding  power of love encourages the growth of  all human life, in its natural path of development, and expands  the   countenance  of  peace,  to  calm  every  troubled   heart,  during   any   period  of  great   contention 

There   is   a   continuous  activity   of  goal   identification,

and  self - reconstruction,  in  the  life  of  man,  which will enable one to determine a personal position, analyze a potential  problem, and  discover  a  prospective  possibility 

The combined  power  of  work  and  worship  generates   a  capacity to rule,  over life, and sanctify  all things, in a humble  service  to  the  Almighty  One,  in  whose justice and  mercy   the   world    of   mankind   continues   forever 

There  is  a  truly noble  commandment  in  life,  by  which  everyone  is  called  to  work,  for the continuation  of  life,  conservation  of  resources,  and  preservation  of  nature, in   order   to   safeguard   our   common   evolution   of  life 

Therefore, a man  who  has been  chosen  to sit upon the   throne of life  must  build  the  five  royal characters of valour, honesty, wisdom, loyalty, and courage, since he   must   always   be  ready   to serve  and   protect   life 


(  The  Path  of  Dedication  )


Sixth  Reading  :  Stages  of Life 

The  attraction  of  physical  forms,  and  the  infusion of spiritual  forces, generate the conception of a human     life, through  an  act  of  procreation,  in  which  a  seed of  life  is  implanted  to  grow,   within  the   womb   of  love 

Remembering nothing about the dark watery womb, it has  grown  within, or anything before  it,  a  baby is born  to  continue  the  task  of  living, and  to bear  a  testimony to   the   all  divine  unity  of  life,   for  whom  he  has  come 

For a  child  of  nature,  there   is  everything  to  enjoy in life, for the world offers  many  wonderful  experiences,  and  nothing is more important to anyone, other than to  live  naturally,  in  accordance  with  the  dictates  of  life 

Increasing sensuality tends encourage a  youth  to explore, and experience the pleasures of life, while growing awareness tends to cause bewilderment, at the encounter with human miseries,  sufferings,  and  imperfections in life  

Responsibility of time, for work and leisure, must be understood  more  comprehensively,  by  any adult, since  a  given  allocation  of  time,  for  living,  carries  with  it  a  commandment   to   serve   the  universal  cause   of  life 

Old  age  is  a  period in life, when the time of youth is left  behind, though never its enthusiasm for life, since a  service to the One Life may be continued, with a continuous sharing  of  wisdom,  from the experience of life 

Since there is only life eternal, within an all divine becoming  of life, the  process  of  life - including - death   will  end,  transitionally,  in  death - opening - life,  beyond  which life  will continue,  in its eternal journey of experience 


(  The  Path  of  Incarnation  )


Seventh  Reading :  Potency  of  Man 

The one is present in the many, and the many are coming from the one, therefore he who once lived,  is now here, and will always be, since this wonderful life  continues  forever  and   ever,   throughout   all  eternity 

Like a high mountain standing strong and a flow of  water filling all, the way of the One Life is a   continuous  process  of  consolidation  and  expansion,  through  its combined  unity  of  purpose  and   diversity  of  patterns 

Within the  unity  of the One Life, there is a sacred duality of attraction and opposition, and therefore of integration and  differentiation,  which  inspires  the  birth  of  human consciousness,   through  its  continuous   interplay  in  life 

Within  a  cycle  of  life the seed of human consciousness  plants   its   roots  in  the   body,  grows   out  its  branches in   the  mind,  and  bears  its  many  fruits  in  the spirit,    in  order  to  fulfil   its   sacred   mission  for  the   One  Life  

Spiritual processes of the mind will gradually move to integrate the consciousness of man, with the divine consciousness of the One Life,  when a  clear individual calling    to    greatness   has   been    decisively    received 

When the spiritual mind - over - self within man has  become attached  to  the  universal mind  of  divine unity, an  all  basic  goodness  will  arise, from  within  the  One Life,   to   generate   a   state  of  pure   potentiality  in  man 

The fourfold process of mind - over - self, which generates  a   human  state  of pure  potentiality,  will  be spiritually initiated when the five senses of perception,  and   their  continuous  impact,  are consciously  controlled


(  The  Path  of  Perpetuation  )





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