Gateway of Unity

Body of Energy

Purity of Worship

Picture of Man

Rules of Conduct

Mastery of Life

Anointing  of Man 



First  Reading  :  Gateway  of  Unity


Behold with gratitude the beauty of a rainbow in an open sky, a clear refraction of the sun - light after the rain, which displays a seven coloured spectrum of red, orange,  yellow, green,blue, indigo, and purple


Explore with diligence the seven natural gateways of   the  earth, and  soil,  of the moon, and water, of the sun, and fire, of the wind, and air, of the sky, and ether,    of  the  space,   and   time,   and   of   the   void,   and  light


Examine with attention the seven energy centres along   the spine, and their connecting line of unity, which begins at the base, and continues through the sacral, solar,   heart,  throat,  and  brow,   and  finally  crown  of  the  head


Experience with mindfulness the seven associated   senses of functional stability, primordial creativity, individual activity, spiritual charity, conditional potentiality, contextual   reality,   and  existential  unity,   within  the  self   


Energize with desire the seven glandular systems of the adrenal, testes and ovaries, pancreas, thymus, thyroid  and parathyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands, which produce   the  regulating  hormones  of   the   living  body


Empower  with  confidence  the  seven  organic  systems of  the  basic  mechanism  of  all  human  life,  namely, excretion, reproduction, digestion, circulation, respiration, cognition, and  co-ordination of  the  whole  functional body


Invigorate with compassion all of the glandular, nervous, and functional systems of life, by activating and balancing the seven energy centres, within the body, through a continuous  and diligent   practice of mind control


( The Path of Harmonization )


Second Reading : Body of Energy


There  is  a  cosmic  paradigm,  within  the  process  of    an all  divine  becoming  of  life,  whereby  a  microcosmic entity  mirrors  all  macrocosmic  reality,  and  contains, within   itself,  all  the  energy   patterns   of   the   One  Life


Being  an  inter - connected  network  of  living  energy,   the   body  of  man  is  a  composition  of  five  different  layers of energy, namely, the physical, biological, emotional,  mental,  and   spiritual   forms  of  manifestation


The  body  has  its own  mechanism  to regulate  the energy  content  of  its  living  cells,  tissues, and  organs, and  therefore  to  generate  an  active and  balanced flow of   energy,  for  the maintenance    of   its   health


By  completely  submitting  the body,  mind,  and  spirit  to  the  guidance  of  divine  life,   the  refined movement of energy may be fully experienced , through a conscious act  of  harmonized breathing  and   concentrated thinking 


The  primordial  force  of  energy,  within  the  material body,  is  awakened  by  the  universal  source of energy, within the spiritual mind, to move in gentle procession,  from  the  base  of  the  spine  to  the  crown  of   the  head


The underlying reality of basic human existence is   the sevenfold  movement  of  all  existential  unity, which integrates  the  spiritual and material aspects of man, and harmonizes  the  social  and  individual  dimensions  of life


Therefore, always consciously return to the primordial  point of  origin,  which  is  the  beginning  of  every  human  life, through the all divine path of spiritual adoration, individual  exploration, and    correctional restitution



( The Path of Integration )


Third  Reading : Purity  of  Worship


Overwhelming silence, harmonious breathing, body composure, and focused attention awaken the vibration    of energy, to rise from the lower part of the body, and continue  in its movement  towards the crown  of  the  head


Eyes having closed and energy being centred on the   crown of the head, the divine names of the Almighty  One  are  silently uttered, while their spiritual  impact  upon,  and  within,  the body,  are  consciously experienced


A  softer  vibration  of  energy  emerges  from  the  base of  the  spine,  and  continues to move towards the crown of the head, through the back of the neck, and thereby causing   the   body   to   bow   down   on  its  own   accord


Every  time  the body is uplifted, a  cool sense of  energy  vibration  slowly  descends,  from  the  crown  of  the  head,  along  the  front  part  of   the  body,  which brings  with  it  the  power  to  renew   life,   and   to  restore  health



Three  times  energy  vibration  moves the body to bow  down, in silent prayers of inner worship, penitence, and  repentance,  by  which  the  adoring  spirit,  within man,  encounters  the  divine   spirit  of  the  Almighty  One


Another movement of prostration may be additionally  conducted, either in a specific petition for divine  assistance, or in holy preparation for a devotional act  of  entering,  into  the  divine  and  spiritual   realm  of  glory


Through a diligent effort of the spiritual practice, a  man will then experience all the blessings of life, in  body, mind, and spirit, and will be thus endowed with   a   wonderful   treasure   of   inner   spiritual    powers 


( The Path of Unification ) 


Fourth  Reading  : Picture  of  Man


In  the  deep silence  of  the  moment,  the  inner  soul  of  man  is  moving  within  himself,  in  response  to  the  all  divine  becoming of  life,  by  whose  power every  man is conceived and,therefore,  called   to   life


The  origin  of  a  human  being  will  be determined,  by  the union, between divine energy and  elements of  nature,  when a man and a woman are met in a sacred  act   of   procreation,   through   a   blessed  desire  of  love


The  pure  essence  of  energies,  from  a  divine  light,  a human seed, and a human egg, coalesce in a  glorified combination, within  the  maternal  womb  of  love, to  initiate an   evolutionary  permutation   of   life


A conscious human being obtains his experience of sensuality, through the nine orifices of the body, while reserving the tenth gate of sanctification, upon the crown of  the head, for union with the   Almighty  One


By  his  origin,  and  through his experience  of  life,    man  is  endowed  with the four natural tendencies of evil, anger, desire, and goodness, each of which possesses  its  own  differential  mode  of  behavioural  influence


A  man  is  guided,  by  the  light of his inner  goodness,  to believe in the One God,  preserve  every sacred  truth, receive direction for living, generate word of command,  and   practice  principles  of   the   divine   names  in   life


A spiritual devotion generates divine energy, for the sanctification of  human  desire, thought, and conscience,    by  which  one  may  realize  the  sevenfold  pattern of  right - living, within the daily  activity  of  human  life


( The  Path  of  Elevation )


 Fifth  Reading  : Rules  of  Conduct 


A  spiritual  inspiration,  from  the  divine  names  of  the  Almighty  God, will  generate a  praiseworthy  conduct of life, through a sacred devotion to the blessed path  of  greatness,  mercy,  justice,  power,   and  immortality


True  obedience, to the commonly accepted  laws  of men, will only come  with  the  practice of  truth, when  a desire, for anorderly improvement of the society, begins to develop an inner sense  of   righteousness


An active participation, in the affairs of the country,  and  the  nation,  is  an  ethical  consequence  of  spiritual  devotion  to  the  One God  of  the  universe, whose divine presence permeates  every  aspect  of  human  life


Kind  benevolence to others is a most noble expression    of divine love, in  a practical sense of the word, which    may be given freely, to anyone, without purposefully looking for any  personally  desired  gain  or  compensation 


A  consistent and confident belief,  in  the inner strength   of  oneself,   will  motivate  one to live  courageously, and  to  act  bravely, in a dedicated  service to the  One Life,  through the abiding   power of  the  Almighty  One


Virtuous  conduct,  in  all  social  relationships, is a means for the  cultivation  of  human  character, by which one  may  be  able  to give useful  guidance,  and  to work beneficially,  for  the  common  happiness   of  all  humanity


By  accepting  the  permanently  changing  situation of life, anyone may lead a life of great flexibility, and practical adaptability, through every conscious process of  participation,  within  the  great  divine  becoming  of  life


( The Path of Obligation )


Sixth  Reading  :  Mastery  of  Life


Bowing down to the ground, in submission to the  Almighty One, the body experiences the power of divine energy, which organizes all the constituent  parts of  the  human mind,  for  its  spiritual  renewal


In  perfect  obedience  to  the  seven  commandments  of righteousness,  a   service   to  the  One Life  is faithfully  given,  thus enabling  one  to  become  like  the  sun,   which  shines  everywhere  to  give  its   light   to   everyone


The human path of blessed spiritual exaltation is the     common path of every man, who has been called  to  serve the One Life, in body, mind, and spirit, through  a  deep experience of   the  pure  potentiality  of  the  self


When the pure  potentiality of the inner life has been released,  a  personal  mission  of  one  will  become a living   example,  and  an  inspiration  to  follow,  for  those who   will   come   after   with   their  own  mission   of  life  


The  greatest  mission of all is the mission to serve the One Life, in which the activities of God, the universe, and mankind will become dynamically related, for an act  of  compassionate  blessing  upon   all   of   creation


Therefore, in the same virtuous way that one has been    guided, one must also guide others, through a noble act of solidarity, since it is the duty of everyone  to  achieve   greatness  of  the   soul,   for   the  sake  of  all


Glorious and perfect is the common path of human life,  in  all  of  its  stages  and  all of  its  aspects,  because  of  its wonderful strength  to  overcome  every  trial   and   tribulation,   within   its   own   duration  of   time


( The Path of Exaltation )


Seventh  Reading  : Anointing  of  Man


At the closing hour of the night, the moon and all the stars are slowly receding, before the arrival of  a  new  day,  and  a  new  beginning  for  the world,  which  will   bring  a   new   revelation  of  everyday  life


When  the  great  sun  gradually  rises  to  rule  another day, the far eastern horizon begins to brighten up, creating a wonderful feeling that the world is young once  again,   for  those  who  are  always  young   at  heart


All the gates of heaven are now opened, giving the   blessings of life to this precious world, in response  to all the beautiful prayers of humanity, for the renewal of   every  single  hope,   expectation,  and  promise  of  life


Those who have been initiated, in the blessed path  of the One Life, can always see with perfect clarity,  the seven gateways of the bright celestial realms, well  this  beyond  existence,   and  yet  within  the  human  body 


The Chariot of God passes through the gateway of eternity, majestically moving across time, with its all encompassing power of beauty, love, and truth, in order  to fill  the  whole  universe  with  divine  energy of life


Through the graceful presence of the Almighty One all humanity receives its anointing, by the divine command of the word, and great sacrificial act of love, in which all the  blessings  of  life  are  poured  upon  the  sacred  earth


A  wonderful  sense  of  peace  enters  the  human heart, and begin to generate belief and confidence, in the ultimate  destiny of mankind, by which all the challenges in life   shall be overcome always, in the name of the Almighty One


( The Path of Illumination )





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