By  the  Grace  of  God  





  ( All Destiny And  Mission )







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A Vision  of  the  One  Life

( 1996 ) / (  Hamundi  ) / ( 2000 )




A Prayer Of Dedication



By the One, the Almighty One, the Oneness of the One! We are One! We are All One! We are Eternally One !


We shall work, in this wonderful realm of creation with an abiding sense of compassion to all things in life, for we are the image and likeness of God, in   whom   and   for   whom   all  life   is   existentially   one.  We shall therefore recite to the Almighty One our sacred invocation of his holy name ( shema ), for the sanctification of every work and worship ( avodah ), and the orientation of all conscious thoughts of prayer ( kavanah ), for his creative act of unification ( yikhudim ), and his corrective act of restitution ( tikkunim ), and for his glorious presence in the common life of mankind ( hayyim ), and his divine  guidance  in  its  continual  turnings  ( gilgulim )


And with divine grace eternal we shall reverently embrace life, for everything that lives is holy and life   is    truly    delighted    in   life.   Amen   forever   amen!




We  Are  One    !



We have come into the world, through a joyful  act  of  encirclement (  baga  ),  and  a  majestic  act of endowment (  purusa  ), for a great  mission  of  life.

We have all descended from the One Ancient Origin ( puhun ), who is also within us ( hulun ), since we share the same natural substance of life ( buhun ), which has come down from our ancestral roots ( karuhun ), and has imparted unto us all the  venerated  powyers  of  the  One  Life  ( rumuhun )

We shall therefore live, in this wonderful realm of  creation, with an abiding sense of reverence to all things in life ; For we believe, sincerely and truly,  that  one  is   always   for  all,   and   all  is  always  for  one

By the One, the Almighty One, the Oneness of the One! We are One  ! We are All One  ! We are Eternally One  !


Contents  of  Adam


Chapters                                   Pages


Chapter One                                  7

Chapter Two                                23         

Chapter Three                             39

Chapter Four                               55

Chapter Five                                71

Chapter Six                                   87

Chapter Seven                           103                       


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