Question: Who is Jesus?

Answer  :  Jesus the Christ is my Lord, Master, Teacher and Friend


Question: Is He God?

Answer  :  No, He is neither God nor a god. He is a man, the man, the most perfect man, with no sins and blemishes, for He is wisdom, mightiness and manifestation of Godís love.


Question: Did He ever say He was God?

Answer  :  Never. But he said in the holy new testament that He and the Father are in perfect union. As we all can be if we lead a life holy (and accepatable) in the eyes of god. Yes, Jesus even teaches most surely to worship God (alone), the One and most holy. 


Question: Is He from the beginning of time?

Answer  :  Yes! Such is the will of God that He, the Word , will be the Alpha and Omega of the whole creation. He is obedient to God His Father and by God we shall know Jesus. But through Jesus and His teachings we understand God and His Fatherhood.


Question: So you do not think Jesus is as important as God?

Answer  :  No! Without Jesus there would still have been God, but without God Ö there would not have been anything, not even Jesus.


Question: Do you worship Jesus?

Answer  :  No! I only worship God the Almighty, the only one God. But I pray in His servantís name, Jesus.


Question: Caqn Jesus help you?

Answer  :  Yes! God gave Him the power to do that. Jesus helps me with His beautiful words, examples and kindness. And He will always be in the heart of the faithful to inspire each and every believer with Godliness, with (and through) the Holy Spirit.


Question: Do you love Jesus?

Answer  :  Yes! Very much so! He is kind to me and will always be with me. He is my guide and the guardian of my faith. I have a personal affection towards Him, who laid down His not for Hisí own sake.


Question: How do you know He was a Man of God?

Answer  :  He performed miracles, He loved even when hated, He suffered, He died and was resurrected.


Question: Do you accept the Trinity?

Answer  :  Yes! It is an article of my faith. I believe in God the Creator, the only God who is the Almighty. I believe Jesus, Godís son and obedient servant. I believe in the Holy Spirit, who is Godís gift to guide us. But I deny the Trinity which is composed of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, equal, of the same substance, united and one.


Question: So what do you believe?

Answer  :  This is what I believe,oh Lord God of Israel Ė I believe in You as the only God! I believe in Jesus, my Master. I believe in the Holy Spirit, which is in me.


Weybridge, Surrey, September 24th 1978 





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