01 Beloved


I speak out of the depths of my heart

I speak

As my mind and soul think of you

O How am I to forget you

Whose smile always haunts me


Your beauty captivates my feelings

And ruined am I

By a thousand emotions


Speak to me

And all my days will be bright

Smile to me

And heaven will be mine


I cry out my love

I say it in despair

I'll give you my love

Give me, give me yours


O Heavenly love

Fountain of happiness

Love me!

(Writing Pen) (H1/06/11/1977)




02 Hallo Man!

Hallo man, you look good

I am happy

I laugh good laugh

Of the look of you

Oh … if I talk English good

Many … many stories I tell

After … you tell I understand

I … oh … no speaking English good

But I take you follow

At the back of me … walk

We can go … !

See houses, rivers, people, animals

Big things … small things

Ugh … I smile, you smile

There in the water … What …  aaa?

Bird … eh … long neck and no flying

Good … good … very good

Here I bring food

You eat … eat … eat

And your stomach grows big

I am happy, you are happy

Good … good … good!

(Writing Pen) (H4/09/11/1977)




Thousands of creatures in a choir singing

Blending with glorious instruments playing

The voice of innumerable sounds are heard

The voice is one

There is twinkling and sweet melody

Even banging and drumming

The great chorale rises up reaching the sky

And the psalm is sung

Alive … Alive … Alive!

Blessed is the creation!


I, in the dream of my sleep, am awoken

The humming sound

And then the singing round my thoughts

The voice comes approaching

Gently entering my very soul

I listen to the heavenly throngs

And the beings singing

A hymn to the Origin

Its music echoes

In the labyrinth of my heart

I smile in my sleep

And see though my eyes are closed

How sweet is the voice!

And the symphony goes on

Till the sun rises to shine

Till my dream ends

(Writing Pen) (H6/11/11/1977)





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