06 O Truth, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Saturday June 10th 1978

07 He is Garlanded, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Monday, June 12th 1978

08 Noble Teacher, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Wednesday, June 14th 1978

09 Beyond Life, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Tuesday, June 20th 1978

10 The Bacterias March, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Tuesday, June 20th 1978

11 The Dictator, Writing Pen, Sidcot School, Winscombe, Tuesday, June 20th 1978

12 It Was Dusk, Writing Pen, West Hamsptead, London, Friday, June 30th 1978

13 They Pray, Writing Pen, West Hamsptead, London, Thursday, July 13th 1978

14 I See the Lord, Writing Pen, West Hamsptead, London, Monday, September 25th 1978

15 The Anarchists, Writing Pen, West Hamsptead, London, Tuesday, October 16th 1978

16 The Buddhists, Writing Pen, Weybridge, Surrey, Thursday, October 19th 1978

17 The Hindus, Writing Pen, Weybridge, Surrey, Thursday, October 19th 1978

18 The Jews, Writing Pen, Weybridge, Surrey, Thursday, October 19th 1978

19 The Moslems, Writing Pen, Weybridge, Surrey, Thursday, October 19th 1978

20 I Am Becoming, Writing Pen, Weybridge, Surrey, Tuesday, November 6th 1978





01 Asean Nations

The land of the free men

Where humiliating bondage unknown

The white elephant of the continent

Proud, mighty and victorious

Thailand, Thailand the great


The gentle lion stands smiling

Holding the lamp of prosperity

She is beloved of her children

Who dwell in peace and unity

Singapore, so bright and fair, Singapore


The golden peninsula Malaysia

And her wonderful eastern states

Her people courageously stand

For good, honour and loyalty

Malaysia, in the South China sea


Stretched across the waters

Wondrous islands of a great nation

Whose people stand hand in hand

And proclaim one Motherland

Forward, Indonesia, forward!


Pearls of beauty in the Pacific

Star and friend of nations

Her name revered, her glory shines

Land of smiles, joy and laughter

Philippines, land of the morning sun


The five nations of South East Asia

Together facing the rough seas

To go forward and onward only

Never to retreat

For justice and prosperity they stand

Under the southern sun

God bless South East Asia!

(Writing Pen) (H4/05/04/1978)




02 Sriwijaya

Out of the past a voice is heard

Echoing between the dark walls

And blue mist of history

Out of the past a voice is heard

Telling a name, a famous name

Sriwijaya, it gloriously sounds


By a great river she stood

So calm and still yet majestic

She was the heavenly thunder

The great hand that gave order

To isles and dominions

Whose princess, rulers and kings

Bowed down to her great name

The just throne of the Sailendras


Whose hand reached to reign

Capitals, coasts and mountains

To rule and bring the proud to submission

Her mighty fleet guarded the sea

Pursued and punished

Those who challenged her name

Justice, Peace and Order

Throughout the lands, were at sea

A golden light of culture was she

Where monks and scholars learnt

A rich market for all

Where the poor and the rich came

All in awe adored: Sriwijaya!

(Writing Pen) (H5/06/04/1978)




03 Majapahit

The Tatars were driven and fled

Jayakatwang was now dead

Wijaya, the power he saw

The power he was given

The foundation was strong

With blessings so bestowed

Majapahit was born!


Wijaya the king ruled

And died in honour

Jayanegara ascended

He and many were killed

Tribuwana Tungga Dewi, the just

And Hayam Wuruk, the great

Through Gajah Mada they ruled

Away soldiers of Majapahit

To many lands to conquer them

Many battles they held

On the beaches and mountains

Her power was dreaded

None could fight

Her mighty arms brought the banner

Of unity and domination


The banner Wilwatikta flew proudly

Showing the lordship of Majapahit

Her king graciously received tributes

From kings he reigned over

He was ruler of all Nusantara

Who held the hopes and fears of many

Victorious and glorious was Majapahit

(Writing Pen) (H5/06/04/1978)




04 The Nation

The vision has now begun

And I see dawn upon the land

The sun is rising

Red and bright with wonderful rays

Of justice and prosperity to come


The free nation boldly treads

The path towards statehood

The young nation is surviving

In the spirit of the old kingdoms

Slowly, painfully and ruthlessly

The nation moves forward, in her

The weak, the strong, the wise, the fool,

The dedicated, and the selfish mingle

Divided by ambitions

United by a common cause


Misery is seen on her path

And in the air is heard

The cry of those crushed

Justly or wrongly

Indonesia is still struggling

Against her own numerous sins

May she progress always

To achieve success

To be a paradise

(Writing Pen) (H5/06/04/1978)




05 Strange Encounter

Amidst the bright heavenly spectra

Stood man in hopes and expectations

Hearts were filled with awe and wonder

By the gigantic spaceship

Its humming noise was sweet

And musical to all ears

Intoning greetings to the human race


Then men exclaimed and stepped back

When the spacemen did appear

Aroused by the strange encounter

Instincts of fear and violence

Dawned in the minds of men

But the visitors only stood

And waved their hands lovingly


In the brilliantly illuminated valley

A contact made, a knowledge gained

By humans and humanoids

Who spoke with music, smiles and gestures

Soon love … friendship were developed

And as friends of mankind

The space travellers left

(Writing Pen) (08/04/1978)




06 O Truth

Guide me through my life

Lead me in my days

For I am weak

And my glory is earthly

Without you where will I be?


Truth my God, God my truth

In my happiness

Make me think of others


I am full, clothed and comforted

I have and am blessed



Why do I forget my brothers?

Who without comfort

Are hungry, sick and dying

Why do my hands

Not do anything?

When my heart is touched

And I cry for their misery

Truth be my God

God come to me

So I will choose to help

Not to show sympathy only

And with you

I shall do my duty

To share my happiness with others


O Truth, when we are one

Dust in my eyes

Will not be a hindrance

Vain principles will give away

For a new meaning of life


With you, my Truth, my God

There will be no judgements

Or condemnations on others

Neither insults nor hatreds

Will be on my lips

And when my eyes see the world

Her prostitutes, robbers and the unfortunates

No disgust will be in my heart

But understanding


Truth! Make me a man!

(Writing Pen) (H7/10/06/1978)




07 He is Garlanded

He is the Lord and Master

To whom our service

Is given, yet

He is the poor

In the dark streets

And endless nights


He is the hungry

Begging at every inn

Looking with his sad eyes

Amongst the lepers

The rejected and the despised

He is found

Beside the whores

And criminals

All those without light

He stands!


He is garlanded

With poverty

Misery and tears

Cover his nakedness

His feet are immersed

In the filth of the world

And he cries with those

Who find no love

Let us adore him

By clothing the poor

And feeling hungry, because

His crown is charity

His baptism is kindness

Love our Lord

And embrace him with sympathy


Comfort him

For he is alone!

(Writing Pen) (H2/12/06/1978)




08 Noble Teacher

How sad must your heart have been

When blood flowed around you

As murders went on here and there

You prayed, you fasted, you spoke



But they wouldn't listen to you

Amongst the crowd you went

To pacify and unify

Your foolish children

Your noble feet trod and trod

On heaps of the nation's sins

They refused you but they had to feel

Your descending peace and calm



Till your end you stayed

As a gentle guardian of your children

And even when you were lying

Calling God

With a bullet in your chest

You thought of peace

And the holy Satyagraha

You did what my Lord did

One of the noblest you were

Hail Gandhiji!           

(Writing Pen) (H4/14/06/1978)




09 Beyond Life

She travelled fast

Through the dark tunnel

Of spiritual death

Where none could see or touch

Into a bright country

With neither sun nor stars

For here God shines brilliantly


Illuminating every soul

Across the green grass

And many coloured valleys

She was led

By the Supreme Being

Who sweetly asked:


What have you done?


And in a glorious knowledge

She saw her deeds

She now understood

What living was for

She smiled and said:


I could have done more!


Then all mysteries

To her were revealed

She was now perfect

Happy, joyful and loving

But she had to go

Back to earth to tell


She was dead

She breathed no more

She passed like a wind and

She was mourned

She was alive

And breathing again

She told me this and

Made me want to be good

Meeting Hall-Biology Examination

(Writing Pen) (H3/20/06/1978)




10 The Bacterias March

The bacterias march

With smiles and cheerfulness

Over the bridges of villages

Across the meadows of the islands

The bacterias come

With tools and skill

And good will to all


The bacterias work

They sing and they laugh

They laugh and they love

Yes, they enjoy life

And fear they must not

Powers or principalities

For their masters

Are God and the masses


So speak they will

Against injustice and

For prosperity to all

Then … peace between classes


Here it comes

Dawn of the new era

Meeting Hall-Geography II Examination

(Writing Pen) (H3/20/06/1978)




11 The Dictator

I hear the soldiers' boots

Marching the promenade

There are sounds of clapping

For the triumphant army

I hear them shouting my name

I am the leader! The ruler!


Sweet power

I hold you in my hands

And with you

I and the idea are one

Kind and terrible

Strong and gentle I am

I crush those

Who stand on my way

But to my obedient children

I give blessings and prosperity

Under my wings they live

With my mouth I feed them



Nothing else matters now

Country, soldiers, people

They are just shadows

But me! I am the ideal!

My fire is alight

In everyone's heart

I am eternally I am!

(Writing Pen) (H3/20/06/1978)




12 It Was Dusk

It was dusk

Wasn't it mother?

When father left

For his revolution


When he made

His hands bloody


An ominous dusk

When father

Decided his

And their doom

Father took arms

Didn't he, mother?

And killed


It was dawn

As father shot them

Who had children

Like he had me

Father danced

In his political orgy

For their victory


Some days later

Father came home


He was frightened

And seemed so guilty

Father told us

They had lost

Then he left again


He never came back

Mother, they killed him

And others too

They … the guilty and less guilty

Father died mother

For vanity


They forgot

Their loved ones

When they killed

One another

They were wild

Like animals

They were blind

(Writing Pen) (H6/30/06/1978)




13 They Pray

They pray for peace

And the world's salvation

Their cry is heard

For the loss of goodness

In human hearts


In the midst of fire

And the destruction of life

Man sincerely begs:

We need peace!



The beauty of creation

The glory of the universe

How noble thy devotion

From thy loving heart



Without thee

Gone is the greenness of the earth

Dark is the universe



God hath no crown

Without thee

For thou art perfection

Of man and the creation


O Gentle Heart

Which cries in sadness

For the suffering of mankind

O Mother of Man

Noble art thy tears


But woman

Thou art strong

Determined and able

The future peace

And welfare of the world

Art in thy hands

Arise O Woman

Gentleness and strength

Art thine

Arise with strong will

For us


Save the world

For man has failed

Again and again

(Writing Pen) (H5/13/07/1978)




14 I See the Lord

I see the Lord in the morn of the day

Manifesting himself

In the green field, running water

Yes, I see God in all nature


Who else, but God, can create myself

My feeling, my gratitude?

What else, but the beauty of God,

Does  teach me

The art of loving and kissing?

Lord, Beloved God!

(Writing Pen) (H2/25/09/1978)




15 The Anarchists

It may happen in some future time

When all are tired of leadership

Patrons and government

When neither the army

Nor the politicians

Are any longer wanted

It will be the end of a system

Laws shall be abolished

And all social yokes will be disappear

Disorder and disturbance might prevail

In the transformation

Of the new society!

The free communes are born

Responsible people will decide

For their own life and work

The anarchist society is established!

When the system breaks down

That will be your time

Fellow anarchists!

(Writing Pen) (H2/16/10/1978)




16 The Buddhists

All is illusion, He says

Strive for the perfect state

The way is found, he declares

We do follow his guidance


With meditation and love

We try to be like him

All must learn the peace

And understanding of the Buddha


Teacher of men and gods

He renounced the world

And found the answer

He taught the knowledge

Now Dhamma is among us

Tathagata and Nirvana

Will always in our minds be

Let us spread the words of Buddha


I take refuge in the Buddha

I take refuge in the Dhamma

I take refuge in the Sangha

(Writing Pen) (H5/19/10/1978)




17 The Hindus

The song of the Lord says:

Put your mind on Me

And offer Me your all!


So we say gladly

We will bring flowers

To your holy temples

And worship you with rites

Lord, Beloved God!


All things we do and think

Are for you, Sweet Lord

And by your grace we live

And do good to others


We see you and truth

As one and the only one

To love you we want

Holy Sanghyang Widi Wasa!

God is truth, Truth is God!

(Writing Pen) (H5/19/10/1978)




18 The Jews

Come, come to the synagogue

To see the beautiful Torah

Come children of Abraham

Sons and daughters of our David


Enter with joy and laughter

For everyone is rejoicing

Bring your purified hearts

And tongues ready to sing

Praising the God of Israel!


Behold the Torah

O We love it!

Read us the scrolls

O Let us hear it!


We hear from the prophets

His mighty arms defending

We hear from the holy books

His sweet love nourishing us

For the Lord is our God

And His people are we

Glorify God, O people!


Hear O Israel,

The Lord our God, the Lord is One!

(Writing Pen) (H5/19/10/1978)




19 The Moslems

Hear the Muezzin calls

All Moslems to congregate

Let us, friends and brothers,

Wash before we face God


With a clean heart

And a pure mind

Ourselves we submit to Him

Who is One and Most Holy

God is great! - Allahuakbar! -


At the holy mosque of Islam

We are moved by fiery sermons

At the feet of the teachers

The holy knowledge we receive


The reverent and pious ones

Melodiously read the Koran

The book we love and respect


He whom we worship

Brings us to our pride

In the Moslem brotherhood

And its glorious virtues


I do declare there is no other but God

And Mohammed is His prophet!

(Writing Pen) (H5/19/10/1978)




20 I Am Becoming

I move and walk and run

I cry and laugh and am passionate

I feel sad, I feel glad

I am overjoyed

By my vitality

Questions my mind asks

And answer I am seeking

With my eyes I see all the plants on earth

And animals, insects and mankind

My soul thirsts for them

To love them I will do

For I am to be


My mind is now resting

After long prayers and meditation

Now I am on the bosom of mother nature

Sheltered by the loving hand of Father God

My mind smiles to sleep

As my soul rises to be aware

I am what I am not

For I am alive but "I" is dead

Life and death are now one

As I enter the realm of serenity

With Buddha in his Nirvana

With Jesus in His Heavenly mansions

(Writing Pen) (H2/06/11/1978)





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