01 Rise My Soul

Rise my soul, rise and awaken yourself

Leave the dark green pond where you rest

Spread your wings wide, then fly

Away to distant realms beyond the clouds

Where your creator reigns, where the sun shines

To give its never ending rays of life

Which bathe all tired souls of men


Swim, my soul, swim in the air

Gently across the ocean of gladness

Hold on to the majestic flying chariot

Upon which faith, hope and charity ride

Then recite the sweet words of perfection

As you progress along the way you chose

Which will take you to love itself


My soul, as you feel gladdened by the flight

And as you enjoy the never ending journey

Look closely at that beautifully coloured butterfly

The butterfly that often comes to your dream

Express your love to her and beyond, to all souls

So you may understand why love is an absolute strength

And why the Great Spirit places love in every soul

(Writing Pen) (H5/08/11/1979)




02 O World

O World, my world

Stand and hear him the prophet of God

Who came, lived, and died among us

Resurrected and called the Son of God


See his gentle life, learn his noble teachings

Come to him and offer your discipleship

Then receive from him a revolutionary commandment

To overcome yourself, to change your evil ways


Come and see the vision of a new world

Where all men are brothers and love reigns

Where swords are turned into ploughshares and peace lives

Where killing, murder, and hatred will not be justified

And all life is always considered sacred

(Writing Pen) (H5/08/11/1979)




03 William Blake

William saw with the eyes of a seer

And he uttered many prophetic words

About many  things to come, which

He understood and was frightened of

How perverted human kind looked to William

Who alone forsook the evil ways

When kings of men and masters of slaves

Reigned on high above those that suffered

William sat and prayed in his struggle

Against those who sought not only to kill the body

But were also full of desire to destroy the soul

And against evil men who corrupted the spirit

No one listened to William, until he died

Defeated perhaps, but not conquered

(Writing Pen) (H5/08/11/1979)




04 Dark Clouds

The dark clouds sit reigning above us

Barring all contacts with the sun

Then slowly and gently those clouds descend

Changing, transforming into drops of water

Softly they trickle down my body

Caressing, wetting and cooling me

Unprotesting I let them come

As I tread on the hard concrete pavement


Yellow old leaves lie here and there

Thrown and flown by the autumn winds

Some are floating, half emerged in little pools

Created by watery crags on the pavement

Their faces look ancient and sad

Greeting the coming rain drops


O Leaves, old leaves

I have to see you dying, decaying, vanishing

Reminding me how powerless we all are

Against nature that nourishes and kill us


So long dying ones

May nature grant you a beautiful death!

(Writing Pen) (H5/08/11/1979)




05 Divine Love

When life was first created,

A place was prepared

To be a house with comfort and love

Where life can grow to live

And be born into existence

For nine months is life cared

Embraced by the most perfect love

Who smiles and nourishes life

On the day of its birth


Only love can nourish human life

With her milk and maternal affection

Only love will lay down her life, so life may live

And even to suffer death love is willing

For life is her only reason to exist

The very soul and blood of her being


When life cries at night in fear of darkness

Love will come to gently comfort him

And as life grows, love is there to be with

To smile when spoken to, and give when demanded

Love is the essence of life

The embodiment of all God's creation

(Writing Pen) (H5/08/11/1979)





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