01 Pardes the Garden

Inspired by the experiences of Findhorn Garden

Encouraged by the study of the Kabbala

Where Pardes of the Garden of God is discussed

I began to walk to find another garden

Where I could meet myself and my God

And once there to hold a communion

An act of sharing in common with all

Participating in the celebration of life

With many forms, patterns, and thoughts

That emanated for the sake of all

From the God beyond, the God within

This went on till in the silence of the moment

I found my true self which was of old

As I stood in wonder in the garden of my heart


The garden called Eden where Adam lived

Is also known by the name of Pardes

It is the place where the triangular communion

Between God, nature, and mankind occurs

Of old it was the place where man began

To think of his existence and purpose

And in all humility proclaimed:


I live, therefore I am … I move, therefore I am … I know, therefore I am

I think, therefore I am …I unite, therefore I am … I love, therefore I am


For man came to realize how wonderful it was

That through revelation and through his own effort

He understood that he was one in communion

With all vegetation growing on earth

With all animals roaming the earth

With all other men existing on earth

With all the suns, moons and stars of the universe

With the Almighty God whose language is love


This understanding was imprinted within his heart

Even when he had to leave Pardes out of his disobedience

Even when it grew dimmed through years of separation

Even when it was forgotten as civilization developed


He may not see it clearly, for it is not there now

He may not believe it, for it cannot be owned

He may not realize it, for it has now been forgotten

And yet in his restless years of living he knows

That there is something God has given him

Which he has to recover, which he has to attain

For it will be his only means for growing up

To be the person and creature he was intended

To be the crown of the universe, the Prince of Life


If only he could find his way back to Pardes

To once again hold the sacred communion

And celebrate the joy of living with others

If only he could realize how it really was

That the garden did not disappear entirely

That it was withdrawn though not taken

That it was with-held though not disolved

Pardes is still within and around him


Come ! Find your way to Pardes the garden

To once again hold communion and celebrate life!

(Writing Pen) (H1/01/10/1989)




02 The Way of the Heart

There is a place called Linggamurti,

Which they claim to be a reflection of my country

There is another place called Giri,

Which they claimto be a manifestation of the world

Places held in reverence for there a holy man had lived,

And prayed and meditated unceasingly

Places his followers believe contain great,

Mysterious, miraculous,

And amazing powers

And it is to these places

They direct their thoughts, ideas, and affectionate feelings


These places, called Linggamurti and Giri, are so special to me

Because the holy man had walked there

And chose them to be the places where he loved

And later others had also come after him,

And with him, to build in compassion, to create in love

So divine, natural and human energies

Met and became one for the sake of truth


But most companions have often lost their track

For this journey is a movement rather than a travelling

A process rather than a pilgrimage to places

What a waste it is to burden oneself with other souls

What a troublesome task it is to take others with oneself


Give toys to those who desire breakable toys

Provide wine to them who enjoy parties

But never invite them to the Via Solitaria

Since it is one's own and has been given to no one else


Go on my soul, forward, never to retreat

Be yourself, on your own, as your heart desires

(Writing Pen) (H1/01/10/1989)




03 Via Solitaria

Who is your companion, what is a companion

Why are you with her and what for

Who decided that you should be married

Bonded by a contract, ritual and convention

Answer honestly with the force of your heart!


Do you think it is worth the while to sacrifice freedom

So that happiness becomes almost like a reality

Which is more dear to your own personal self

A warm family life or a brave but lonely life


To the one who is able to see with a hidden eye

Such questions are meaningless and inconsequential

Because whichever way it will be, he is always alone

(Writing Pen) (H1/01/10/1989)




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