01 Divine Numbers

By the blessing of the 99, which is contained in the 27

By the powers of the 27, which is reflected by the 9

By the faces of the 9, which is generated from 3

By the 2 and the 5, which is the perfection of the 7

By the union of the 0, the 3, and the 7, which brings forth the 10

By the 10, which is the 1, the Origin, the Source, and destination of all things

By the calling of the Name, the creating, the forming, and the Making of Man

We worship God the Creator in His infinite mercy and justice,

King of the Universe, Lord of All Creation.

We behold the universe in its never ending movement of becoming,

In its differentiation and integration.

We proclaim man in his unity and totality of being,

For he is the image and likeness of his Maker Amen

(Writing Pen, Jakarta, H1/18/03/1990)





02 The One God

God is the Creator as well as the Source of man, and the universe

God is the Way which is all persuasive and all enveloping

God is the Nameless One who reveals Himself as the Named One

God is the Great Architect who acts as the superstructure

that supports all structures

God is the System in which all things exist, live, and become

God is the Unreachable who cannot be touched by anyone

God is the Power that permeates everything that is there

God is the Great Soul of whom man is an image and likeness

God is the Friend who loves man and the Friend man loves

God is the One man worships and with whom man becomes

(Writing Pen) (H7/19/05/1990)





03 Panagia

From the depths of the abyss, the demons have now been released

To confuse the minds of men, and put their souls in bondage

By enslaving their bodies, through false sensations and desires

Stand-back therefore and fight them with calm strength

For a fight against chaos is a means to preserve the cosmos

Be brave, do not be afraid, the PANAGIA is with you

(Writing Pen) (H6/03/08/1990)




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