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01 Albatross Flew




01 Albatross Flew

An Albatross flew softly

To the south where there was home

His instinct lead him quickly

To his bride who would warmly welcome

And as he saw his lover

With a breeze of the wind

He tried to land, he flew lower

Towards the bride he once did win


Many years had passed

And many travels had been done

Since they first mated

And answered the call to be one

Since the fledglings hatched

Whom they lovingly reared and fed

Since the wind itself their children matched

With strength their wings had gained


True lovers they would still be

Till death between them shall come

They would now depart, to again meet

And mate in the south, their home

Separation nourishes the union

Strengthening their natural bond

For eager they are at reunion

When each has flown alone

Weybridge, Surrey, H7/25/11/1978




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