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01 Riders Of Rohan                                                      

Riders of Rohan come to our aid                       

We are under siege and sealed is our fate

The armies of darkness seem everywhere                               

Ruining our city that once was so fair

We have been alone fighting without hope                               

No one truly knows how long we may cope 

Brave ones of Rohan come now and help us!                        

Jakarta, H4/06/03/2002





02 Sacred Light                                                                 

Hail Asha Vahishta, the one best right                

And Vohu Manah, the good mind so bright         

Hail Kshathra Vairya, true dominion                

Bow in Armaiti, with all devotion                                 

Hail Haurvatat, blessed integrity                               

And Ameretat, immortality                            

Hail Spenta Mainyu, the Holy Spirit!         

Cipanas, Cianjur, H3/26/03/2002





03 Sacred Name

In obedience now came forth the man                

Who had been commanded to bless the land     

To proclaim the sacred name of the One         

From whom all dishonesty would thus run               

For He is the ruling Lord Ahura                           

Source of all truth and only Wise Mazda      

Who revealed His bountiful immortals!      

Cibubur, Depok, H3/26/03/2002





04 Sacred Soul                                                               

Hail Ashavan, the noble righteous                                 

Master of Athra, fire glorious                               

Who established his mental clarity                             

And by enlightenment found unity                              

Since to Sraosha, the deep inner voice                   

In obedience he pondered the choice            

Thereby pleasing the Holy Immortals!                 

Kebayoran, Jakarta, H4/27/03/2002





05 Sacred Song                            

By the Gatha, sacred hymn of beauty   

And the Yasna, prayer of purity           

By the Mathra, words provoking the mind

Conscience, Daena, would grace each line     

      With Humata, goodly thoughts arising,        

      And Huxta, good pleasant words combining           

         Bringing Hvarshta, good poetical deeds!              

Kebayoran, Jakarta, H4/27/03/2002 




Unholy Land


06 Terror Of Life

In the holy land fire is raging

For things unholy are now happening

In place of prayers and words of wisdom

A great terror rules from a dark kingdom        

Misery abound in the holy land

Composing evil in the hearts of men

In the holy land there are no blessings!

Kebayoran, Jakarta, H5/04/04/2002





07 Conflict Of Mind

In the holy land there is sinfulness

Deeply felt hatred and great helplessness

Peace so desired is now forgotten

When merciful life has been forsaken

Bestiality, not humanity

Scars the holy land with its cruelty

In the land of prophets God does not speak!

Kebayoran, Jakarta, H5/04/04/2002




08 Murder Of Hope

In the holy land hope has been murdered

And the cause of life is not now furthered

Great choir of angels has stopped their singing

Replaced by the sounds of guns now firing        

With their saddened hearts people pray to God

Yet ready for combat in their stronghold

In the holy land evil is chosen!

Kebayoran, Jakarta, H5/04/04/2002




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