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01 My Gratitude  02 Dancing Queen



01 My Gratitude

I woke up counting the many blessings

I have so received, with grateful feelings

This much felt so right upon my birthday

That with thanks I bowed to silently pray

My life has been good and truly pleasant

Endowed with kindness in all its moments

In my chosen path, sustained lovingly

In all previous years, guided faithfully





02 Dancing Queen

At the night café in my neighborhood

The sound of the band blaring through the air

Awaking my soul and changing my mood

As I looked humbly as if in prayer

I praised the dancers for their great salsa

With its Cuban and sensual rhythm

I hailed when they moved doing the cha cha

With music that played a Latin anthem

But when I saw you taking the dance floor

Like its rightful queen, pleasing to the eyes

I felt enraptured, perhaps even more

So captivated by your happy smiles!





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