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Blessed Love I

I bless the day when love found me alone

Being very lost in my far wandering

Tired and bruised by an endless fighting

Against a dark force that would not be gone

It was so joyful to enter the bond

And receive a cooling touch of healing

Which to my wounded soul was heartening

Making it ready even to fight on

But, nothing could truly last forever

Already now I begin to loose it

What I had before seem to be nowhere

Feeling fearful I follow every lead

Trying to keep love by word and by deed

Surely I would find it again somewhere

~BeN (D6/05/04/2002)




Blessed Love II

Somewhere the day has found you

And keeps you warn with memory

Of how we're bound by searching

And so I know that you are

Always with me

The warrior child steps heavy

When loneliness weighs the weary

But only for some time the wounded

Then lifted we be

For nothing is ever always

And lost is found by sometimes

Always enough for mercy

Gifted by three

Feeling the fearful lonely

Seeking the wonded fighter

Cooling the tiresome tiger

Blessed is he

Never will leave forever

Nothing outlasts

And so I will find you

Joyfully free ...

~ Gloflowers




Blessed Love III

Shall I ever be, so joyfully free

From these entangled patterns of living?

Can I ever hope to seek victory

In all truthfulness without pretending?

For such precious love that came to my heart

Stayed not long enough to steady my course

Like some passing wind it came to depart

Leaving me alone in some lengthy pause

Feeling forlorn I search my inner dreams,                 

Distant reflections and old memories                      

Perhaps the light that has now grown so dim  

May be rekindled with past ecstasies                 

 Joyful love so lovely and well refined              

Dreadful sense, so human and yet divine        

~BeN (D5/11/03/2004)



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